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Associates Degree in Human Services

Human services assistants are involved in providing direct and indirect services in public and private agencies by assisting individuals, families and groups to meet human needs. Human needs may be social, emotional, behavioral, environmental, and vocational or health related. These services generally require interaction with clients and are of a “helping nature."

Graduates of this program will be trained to work in a variety of support service settings, such as senior citizen centers, correctional facilities, nursing homes, rehabilitation programs, childcare development centers, departments of human services and non-profit agencies specializing in these services. The graduate will be trained to provide generic therapeutic, supportive and preventive services for people with emotional, developmental, social or physical problems in a variety of social or human service settings. These individuals will also be equipped to match clients with the appropriate services, advocate for clients, and provide administrative support to agencies.

The Human Services program is accredited by the Council for Standards in Human Service Education (CSHSE), 3337 Duke Street, Alexandria, VA 2231 4-5219, phone: (571) 257-3959, website:

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Associates Degree in Human Services



Course Number and Name Credits
BST 1033 Administrative Support Procedures 3
HS 2113 Cultural Diversity 3
HS 2123 Group Processes 3
TMAT 1203 Technical Mathematics 3
Approved Elective Credit 3
Total Hours  15

Standard approved electives:  (LE 2013 Introduction to Computer Crime, LE 2113 Introduction to Terrorism, HSCI 1113 Medical Terminology, EMTP 2113, SOC/ CJ 2033, PSY 3003, or PSY 3813.  Any other courses must be approved by Program Chair.