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Associates Degree in Business Technology - Human Resource Management Option


The matrix below is a sample plan for all coursework required for this program.

Course Number and Name Credits
 Approved Elective 3
 BST 2113 Advanced Word Processing  3
 BST 2143 Introduction to Management  3
 BST 2543 Workplace Behavior and Ethics  3
 ENGL 1023 Composition II  3
Total Hours  15

Course Number and Name Credits
 Approved Electives  3
 BST 1043 Professional Communication  3
 BST 1053 Spreadsheets  3
 BST 1073 Accounting  3
 BST 2213 Human Relations Principles and Practices  3
Total Hours  15

Approved Electives may include BST 1083 Introduction to Economics, BST 2053 Advanced Spreadsheets, BST 2123 Computer Applications for Accounting, BST 2223 Introduction to Research, BST 2173 Social Media Marketing, BST 2993 Special Topics for Business Technology, HS 1123 Communication and Interviewing or INT 2903 Internship highly recommended or other Business Technology courses not required by this curriculum.