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Associates Degree in Banking Services


The matrix below is a sample plan for all coursework required for this program.

Course Number and Name Credits
 BNK 2916 Banking Work-Based Learning (high school students only)  or BNK 2993 SPECIAL TOPICS IN BANKING and one approved elective  6
Total Hours 6

Course Number and Name Credits
 BNK 2303 Money and Banking  3
 BST 1053 Spreadsheets  3
 BST 1073 Accounting  3
 BST 1013 Word Processing  3
 TMAT 1203 Technical Mathematics  3
Total Hours  15

Course Number and Name Credits
 Approved Social Science Elective* 3
 BNK 2343 Legal Foundations in Banking  3
 BST 2443 Introduction to Project Management  3
Total Hours  9

*See appropriate alternatives or substitutions in "General Education Requirements"

Approved Electives may include: BNK 2993 SPECIAL TOPICS IN BANKING, BST 1043 Professional Communication, BST 2013, BST 2023 Organizational Leadership, BST 2533 Employee Recruiting, Training, and Compensation, CIS 1233 Systems Analysis and Design, CIS 2143 Help Desk Support, HS 2113 Cultural Diversity. Any other elective must be approved by program chair.