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About Automotive Service Technology

The Automotive Service Technology program allows students to gain in-depth knowledge and hands-on training in automotive repair.  Our program adheres to Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) curriculum standards, preparing students for entry-level employment in the automotive repair industry. 

The Automotive Service Technology program currently holds certification from Automotive Service Excellence (ASE)  and offers courses in all eight certification areas.  Students can take examinations and earn ASE Student Certification in each of these areas.

This program features instruction with an emphasis on automotive diagnosis, inspection, adjustments and service. In addition, students are taught to test, diagnose, service and replace electronic controls, fuel injection components and accessories, air conditioning units, lighting circuits, and safety and warning devices.

The importance of competent automobile repair in today's mobile society cannot be overstated. Because vehicles have skyrocketed in cost and are kept in service longer, there is a shortage of trained, knowledgeable technicians.

Skilled technicians are needed to perform preventive maintenance, repairs and adjustments. Challenges in this field include servicing electrical systems, brakes, wheel alignments, fuel injection systems, transmissions and driveline repairs, among many others.

Employment opportunities exist in every community and in all parts of the country. Advancement in the field ranges from service technician to manager to shop owner. The opportunities are limitless.

Each student is required to furnish their own tools as approved by the instructor.

High school students may begin the Automotive Services Technology program by taking classes concurrently with their regular studies and earn college credit toward a certificate of proficiency which will apply to the technical certificate and associate of applied science degree. 

Associate Degree

Technical Certificate

Certificate of Proficiency