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MKT 6093: Special Topics in Marketing

Course offers an in-depth exploration of selected marketing issues affecting business. The primary focus of the course will vary from offering to offering; thus the course may be taken more than once. There is a required research project.

Note: Students are limited to a maximum of six (6) hours of special topics credit.

MKT 6103: Digital Marketing Strategy

This course will cover the history and best practices associated with digital marketing. Additionally, it will address the types of organizations and setting that (can) benefit from digital commerce technologies and strategies in a cost-effective way. Finally, the course addresses how digital marketing and other advertising strategies must be part of a comprehensive marketing campaign.

$35 per SSCH course fee.

MKT 6113: Strategic Social Media Marketing

This course examines the force of social media marketing and its place in the marketing process. The advantages and use of particular platforms will be explored, and the use of social media analytics to craft strategy will be examined.

$35 per SSCH course fee.

MKT 6153: Consumer Insights

Business opportunities and decisions depend on an understanding of customers' values, needs, aspirations and behaviors. Even more important for a specific company is gaining unique insights into their customers so that they can develop products, services and brands that are differentiated from competition.

$35 per SSCH course fee.

MKT 6323: Applied Predictive Analytics

Cross-listed: BDA 6323

Prerequisite: BUAD 2053, PSY/SOC 2053, STAT 2163, or STAT 2303 with a "C" or better.

This course will explore multivariate techniques to analyzing data (e.g. multivariate regression, discriminant analysis, logistic regression, market-basket analysis, forecasting and other analytic techniques). The focus of the course will be providing input for organizational strategic decision-making. As an applied analytics course, emphasis will be on application of predictive analytic techniques explored through conceptual, computational, procedural and computer applications.

$35 per SSCH course fee.