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Business Data Analytics

BDA 6073: Special Topics

Offered: As needed

Prerequisites: MGMT 6203, BDA 6203, and BDA/MKT 6323

This course offers an in-depth exploration of selected business data analytics topics. The primary topic will vary from offering to offering.

Note: Course may be repeated up to three times if topic varies.

$35 per SSCH course fee.

BDA 6203: Business Information Analysis

Prerequisite: BUAD 2053, PSY/SOC 2053, STAT 2163, or STAT 2303 with a "C" or better.

In this course, students will learn to make strategic use of information systems and technology to enhance the survival and success of an organization. They will learn how to use and manage these resources to make data-driven decisions, to create insights to assist in developing strategy, and to align the use of IS/IT with organizational goals.

$35 per SSCH course fee.

BDA 6213: Visualizing Data

Prerequisites: Introduction to statistics course (BUAD 2053, MATH 2163, PSY 2053, or other) and Introduction to MS Office course (BUAD 2003, MS Office Certification, or other).

Students will study ways to develop effective visualizations that are based on the principles cognitive science, graphic design, visual arts, and the visual perception theories. This course develops the ability of student to understand and convey the results of data analysis at the executive level as well as to influence others to act on insights that develop from the analysis of data. The goal of the course is to empower students to identify and illuminate important insights and skillfully display them to improve decision-making. This course covers the use of quantitative analysis and software to create effective displays. The course will advance critical thinking skills because students will be better equipped to evaluate data and eliminate bias from the process of turning data into knowledge. Students will enhance their written and oral communication skills in written reports and presentations of their data visualizations.

$35 per SSCH course fee.

BDA 6323: Applied Predictive Analytics

Cross-listed: MKT 6323

Prerequisite: BUAD 2053, PSY/SOC 2053, STAT 2163, or STAT 2303 with a "C" or better.

This course will explore multivariate techniques to analyzing data (e.g. multivariate regression, discriminant analysis, logistic regression, market-basket analysis, forecasting and other analytic techniques). The focus of the course will be providing input for organizational strategic decision-making. As an applied analytics course, emphasis will be on application of predictive analytic techniques explored through conceptual, computational, procedural and computer applications.

$35 per SSCH course fee.

BDA 6343: Advanced Analytics

Prerequisite: BDA 6323

This course will explore advanced analytic techniques such as machine learning and artificial intelligence as well as cluster analysis, decision trees and other advanced statistical techniques. The student will formulate advanced models and explore their use to solve complex business problems.

$35 per SSCH course fee.

BDA 6353: Big Data Strategies

This cutting-edge course delivers sophisticated material in an easy-to-understand, accessible way. Students will learn the foundational knowledge and tools needed to seize the opportunities that big data analytics presents as well as how to align these efforts with the organizational goals and strategies.

$35 per SSCH course fee.

BDA 6363: Analytics Strategy

Prerequisites: BDA 6323 and BDA 6343

This course focuses on management of data analytics activities within an organization. Data identification, acquisition, cleansing, and analysis activities will be discussed as part of an organization's overall data, I.T. and corporate strategy. The course will explore the analytics manager's role in aligning the activities of the analytics function with the organizations data, information and corporate strategy.

$35 per SSCH course fee.