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ANTH 5403: Interpretation/Education through Museum Methods

Cross-listed: HIST 5403, MUSM 5403

Prerequisite: Permission of the instructor or Department Head.

Museum perspectives and approaches to care and interpretation of cultural resources, including, interpretive techniques of exhibit and education outreach materials, and integrating museum interpretation/ education into public school and general public programming. Class projects focus on special problems for managing interpretive materials in a museum setting. Graduate level projects or papers involve carrying out research relevant to the Museum's mission and relating to current Museum goals.

Note: May not be taken for credit after completion of ANTH 4403, HIST 4403, or MUSM 4403.

ANTH 5853: Music of the World's Peoples

Cross-listed: MUS 5853

A survey of predominantly non-Western world music cultures with attention to sonic structures, musicians, musical instruments, and socio-cultural contexts of music making. Listening emphasized.

Note: Open to students in all majors.