Department of Mathematics

The Department of Mathematics offers a four-year program in mathematics that leads to the bachelor of science degree and curriculum that leads to a minor in mathematics. The curriculum is designed to meet the needs of three groups of students: (1) those who plan to seek employment in business, industry, or government, (2) those who plan to attend graduate school to continue their study of mathematics or a related field, and (3) those who plan to be secondary school teachers.

Students majoring in mathematics are encouraged to use their elective hours to complete a second major, or at least a concentration of 18 hours or more, in the field of their choice. For example, students interested in computer science are advised to complete the following courses:

and two additional courses selected from COMS 3213 Advanced Data Structures and Algorithm Design, COMS 3503 Visual Programming, COMS 3803 Computer Applications in Accounting and Business, and COMS 4203 Database Concepts.

Students interested in business electives are advised to complete:

For other areas of interest, students should consult their advisor to arrange a plan of study.

Students who plan to attend graduate school in mathematics or a related field are advised to complete additional upper-level mathematics courses beyond the minimal degree requirements.

For students interested in Mathematics for Teacher Licensure, click here.

Contact Information

Dr. Jeanine Myers, Head

Corley Building, Room 232
(479) 968-0659


Marcel Finan, Michael Keisler

Associate Professors

Ruth Enoch, Scott Jordan, Thomas Limperis, Jeanine Myers, Donna Sherrill

Assistant Professor

Weijia Jia, Azin Sanjari Pirmahaleh, Xinli Xiao

Senior Instructors

Kristi Brown, Jessica Hogan, Nancy Horton, Susan Jordan, Jamie King, Theresa Taylor


Leslie Bain, Chantelle Besley,  Andrea Denk, Dale Felkins


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