college of engineering and applied sciences


The mission of the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences is to provide support and oversight of our high-quality accredited Associate, Bachelor of Science and Masters of Science degree programs.


The vision of the College is to be recognized for providing high-quality educational opportunities which: prepare students for their chosen profession, provide a fundamental broad-based education, and develop educated citizens with an aspiration for life-long learning.

Core Values

The College of Engineering and Applied Sciences values integrity first, service to constituents and excellence in preparing graduates for life.


The College of Engineering and Applied Sciences:

  • Values scholarly activity, especially as it relates to the enhancement of teaching and its positive affect on high-impact student learning,
  • Values service to the University and to the local, regional, state and professional communities,
  • Seeks to demonstrate to students, and instill in them, high ethical standards of personal and professional conduct,
  • Strives to achieve continuous improvement through rigorous assessment processes,
  • Endeavors to equip students with the interdisciplinary, technical, and critical-thinking skills necessary to develop workable solutions to complex problems.

The College is composed of six academic departments: Agriculture, Computer and Information Science, Electrical Engineering, Emergency Management, Mechanical Engineering, and Parks, Recreation and Hospitality Administration. These departments offer programs of study leading to associate and baccalaureate degrees. Some departments offer masters degrees.