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Basic Emergency Medical Technician

Certificate of Proficiency

(7 Semester Credit Hours)

The Certificate of Proficiency in Basic Emergency Medical Technician is a course of study that prepares students to perform in pre-hospital care of acutely ill or injured patients.  EMTs perform such measures as cardiopulmonary resuscitation, extrication, initial patient assessment and triage, stabilization and transport of any emergency, including routine transport of non-emergency patient to allied health care facility.  Students must pass the end of course assessment to be recommended for the National Registry of EMTs exam.

Course # Course Name Hours
EMTP 1007  Emergency Medical Technician 
Total Hours   7 

Note: In order for the Certificate of Proficiency to be awarded, a grade of "C" must be earned in EMTP 1007.

To receive a Certificate of Proficiency, application must be made to the Office of Student Services. Students must be currently enrolled to request a Certificate of Proficiency be awarded.