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Computer Information Technology

Certificate of Proficiency

(12 Semester Credit Hours)

The Certificate of Proficiency in Computer Information Technology is a course of study that prepares students for entry-level employment in a computerized field. The courses within the certificate of proficiency can lead to a new career or simply enhance a person's skill set to make him/her more productive and marketable. This certificate of proficiency may be applied to the Technical Certificate in Computer Information Technology and the Associate of Applied Science degree in Computer Information Technology.

Course # Course Name Hours
CIS 1103  Programming I 
CIS 1113  Fundamental Computer Operation 
CIS 1153 Networking I 
CIS 1303  PC Maintenance I  
Total Hours   12 

To receive a Certificate of Proficiency, application must be made to the Office of Student Services. Students must be currently enrolled to request a Certificate of Proficiency be awarded.