AUTOMATION & Robotics Technology

Automation Systems Technologies covers basic electrical and mechanical components of mechatronics systems with instrument controls and embedded software designs, building and maintaining of equipment that combines electronics, mechanics, pneumatics, hydraulics and computer control systems. AST is a multi-disciplinary study to develop specialized and highly trained technicians dealing with the integration of mechanical devices, actuators, sensors, electronics, intelligent controllers and computers.

Technicians set up and maintain robotic equipment, automated manufacturing equipment, programmable logic controllers and any hybrid production or test equipment. These specialized technicians will meet the current and future demand for local, area-wide and global needs. These technicians need a broad understanding of how mechanical and electrical energy is produced, controlled and utilized.



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Russellville, Paris


Industry Credentials

Certificate of Proficiency


Associated Careers

Electronics Engineering Technician
Electrical Engineering Technician
Industrial Engineering Technician