After the Interview

The interview is over. What now? Can you still add to the impression that you already made? The answer is yes!

Immediately after leaving the interview, take some time to reflect on the interview anddocument the questions you were asked as well as your answers. This allows you to have a record of the questions for future reference and think of things you wish you had the chance to ask in case you have a second interview.

For a proper follow-up, collect contact information from the interviewers before departing. The information that will be most useful will be a business card from the interviewer(s) or:

  • Name(s) of interviewer(s), including the proper spelling
  • Email addresses
  • Contact numbers
  • Best time and day to contact, as well as mode (email or phone)
  • Expected timeframe for selection

Follow through. If you say you will make contact in two days by email, do so. Thank your interviewer for the opportunity to interview and try to mention something personal about the interview conversation if you can recall anything. Each interviewer should receive a separate and customized thank you from you.

Email vs. Card

The type of thank you note you send depends on the employer and your personal preferences. Sometimes, candidates will even send both.

An emailthank you note should be sent within hours of leaving the interview and definitely within 24 hours.A handwritten thank you note on quality stationery should arrive by "snail mail" within three to five business days of the actual interview, so it should also be mailed within 24 hours. Handwritten thank you notes must be legible and customized so that each interviewer does not receive the exact same message.

Thank You Note Examples

Finally, never burn a bridge. You may not be the one selected this time, but you may have made such a good initial impression that you are next on the list for other openings. Asking to connect on LinkedIn may prove to be beneficial and the beginning of a potential professional networking opportunity.