Only students who actually participated in the regular season will be eligible to participate in state and/or post season tournaments. Faculty/staff are not eligible to participate in post-season tournaments.

State, regional, national tournaments are open to all students and teams upon the following conditions.

  1. Teams Representing Arkansas Tech University must attend Mandatory meetings and sign waivers prior to the tournament.
  2. Each participant has played in the respective Tech league for the tournament attending.
  3. If an all-star team is formed, each participant must meet the eligibility requirements for the respective tournament.
  4. If the team has played together in the Tech league the teams sportsmanship rating is acceptable.
  5. Each team is responsible for their transportation to and from the tournament.
  6. Each team is responsible for their entry fee to the tournament.
  7. Each team is responsible for their lodging for the tournament.
  8. Champion teams are not guaranteed prize packages for trips.
  9. Champion team prize package will include no more than entry fee to a state tournament.
  10. Champion team prize package will include no more than entry fee and lodging to a regional tournament.
  11. Champion team prize package will not include a national tournament.
  12. If the champion team wins a tournament in which Arkansas Tech University Rec Sports has used funds for the trip, all monies earned from the tournament will be placed in Tech Rec Sports name and deposited in the Tech Rec Sports account. These funds will be distributed in their entirety for the next tournament. (ie. ACIS National Basketball in Orlando)
  13. State and Regional tournaments will be offered in Flag Football and Basketball. Possibly Softball.
  14. National Tournaments will be offered in Flag Football, Basketball, and Softball.
  15. Regardless of the outcome the tournament in which a team representing Arkansas Tech University Rec Sports, each team will be subject to the Arkansas Tech University Student Handbook and their sportsmanship will determine if they will be eligible to compete in another tournament.

Extramural Eligibility

In the nature of fairness and since the state tournament is only allowing a maximum of three mens and three womens teams into the tournament. Here is the process for selection for which teams are allowed to participate: 1. You have to let me know you are interested and pick up a packet and fill it out and return it with your entry fee. 2. Your team has to place in the top 4 in the All-University Tournament. Teams will compete for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th place in their games respectively. 3. Your sportsmanship rating must be at least a 3.0 average combined from league play and tournament play. 4. If the top 3 teams decline their bid then their spot will be open to the fourth place team first and then any other team that may be interested in participating in the tournament.