Eligibility Requirents


Eligibility status is the responsibility of each individual and the team captain. All TECH students, faculty, and staff with current IDs are eligible to compete in IMRS sports except as otherwise posted in the rules. Any questions should be referred to the Coordinator of Intramurals. A team will forfeit any contest in which an ineligible player was used.

All participants must provide a current validated ATU ID before participating and must be affiliated with the University as a student or faculty/staff. To be considered a student, one must be currently enrolled for at least half of full-time requirements as an undergraduate or graduate student in the fall/spring. Individuals who enroll and then officially drop their courses are no longer considered eligible.
Part-time employees must provide written documentation from his/her department stating that he/she is currently employed by ATU with a minimum of 20 hours per week.

All participants must be listed on the official team entry form in the IMRS office to participate. Any student not listed on the official team roster prior to play is ineligible. Only the manager may add players - no phone calls please. Players may be added by 3pm of the teams first scheduled game. Any roster changes or transfers must be approved by the Coordinator of Intramural Sports.

General Eligibility Rules:

The IMRS Staff cannot be responsible for checking the eligibility of all persons who participate in intramural sports. Each person is responsible for meeting eligibility requirements. Managers should confirm the players on their rosters. Managers are urged to warn or question opposing teams and players prior to the event if there is any concern with eligibility

1. Players, after entering one contest in an activity with a given team, may not transfer to another team during that same activity. If players transfer to another team after one game has been played, such players may be declared ineligible for that sport for the remainder of the year.

2. Players names must be added to the eligibility sheet only during the first week of a sport. In the case of an injury, up to two people may be added on the roster after the first week of play. If a players name is added, he/she must meet all requirements of eligibility stated in the handbook.

3. Players may not compete for two teams. EXCEPTION: Player may change rosters only if his/her team forfeits out of the league, providing the new roster has an open slot with approval of the IMRS Coordinator.

4. Teams may not play ineligible players, even by mutual agreement of both captains and other players in the contest.

5. Players must have played in at least one regular season game to be eligible to participate in any playoff tournament.


A. Not listed as a member of a varsity sport (or on squad list) in the same or related activity and gender during the current or last academic year.

B. Exceptions will be granted for players who were listed on a squad list for less than three weeks.


*A former varsity player is defined as a student who has been listed on the schools varsity squad list for any 2 year or 4 year college/university team for greater than 3 weeks and must be removed one full academic year from your last year on squad list.Basketball 1Flag Football 2Volleyball 2Tennis 1Soccer 2Softball-2