Club Sports


The Sports Clubs program is designed to serve individual interests in different sports and recreational activities. These interests can be competitive, recreational, or instructional in nature, as Clubs may represent the University in intercollegiate competition or conduct intra-Club activities such as practice, instruction, socialization, and tournament play.

The Department of Campus Recreation will provide encouragement to, guidance for, and general supervision of the various affiliated Sports Clubs. The emphasis in the Sports Clubs programs as a whole is on student interest and leadership to initiate, organize, and conduct their respective involvement and participation. 

Organizational Relationship

The Sports Clubs program is an integral component area within The Department of Campus Recreation. Sports Clubs are also Registered Student Organizations with the Office of Student Life, and must also comply with the RSO Handbook. All recognized Sports Clubs will abide by all the rules, policies, and procedures of the University and The Department of Campus Recreation.

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Membership in any Sports Club is open to any current students of the University. Clubs may determine their own membership rules in addition to the above, but they must be free of any restriction based on race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, or handicaps. Each Club Constitution must carry a statement to this effect. Clubs may not deny membership to anyone who is willing to pay Club Dues to participate; however, they may designate "A" teams, "B" teams, for purposes of competition. 


Both indoor and outdoor recreational facilities are available to Sports Clubs for regularly scheduled practices, competitions, instruction/coaching, business meetings, display of promotional materials, and special events. In addition, Campus Recreation will always work with each individual Sports Club to meet their facilities needs an secure the facilities, when possible. 

Facilities are also available for home contests/tournaments. As soon as Sports Clubs receive their game schedules, a Contest Schedule should be filed with Campus Recreation so the schedule can be approved and facilities can be reserved for home contests.

Conference/League Affiliation

All Sports Clubs are required to affiliate with a regional or national governing body. Affiliation means that member dues are paid to the governing body. Dues may be paid by the club as a whole, or by individuals (at least 50% of club members must pay individuals dues to meet requirement). Before joining a league or conference, affiliation must be approved by Campus Recreation.

Arkansas is in the NIRSA's Region IV.

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