Spring 2004 , Vol. 2 No. 2

Letter from the Editor                                


Welcome to the Journal of Business Administration Online. We have been on the job for over two years now. The work continues to be both overwhelming and fun. As always, the latest issue presents quite a mixed bag of topics. This eclectic content is a direct reflection of the varied interests of today’s business educators and practitioners, and we continue to welcome manuscripts on such varied content.

We decided to try something new in this issue of JBAO. In an effort to provide the reader with more in-depth coverage on a specific area of interest, we have incorporated a “Special Section”. This issue’s special section is devoted to pedagogy. The manuscripts present some of the most current research in this area, and we are pleased and proud to offer them for your consideration and reflection. For the future, we hope to include a “Special Section” in all of our upcoming publications. If you have a topic that you would like to appear in JBAO, send us your ideas.

I would like to thank my co-editor, the authors, and especially the JBAO reviewers for all their assistance in this endeavor. I appreciate feedback—both positive and negative—on the editorial process and ideas on improving it, so please send in your comments. I would also like to thank the members of my school and department who have provided both formal and informal support over the years.

The editorial mission of JBAO is to publish empirical and theoretical manuscripts which advance the discipline of business and educational, and applied and pedagogic papers of interest to educators and practitioners. We always welcome high quality manuscripts, and encourage all of you to make contributions to our future issues.

Genie Black,
Editor - JBAO





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