Fall 2004 , Vol. 3 No. 2

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The JBAO Editors and staff would like to thank everyone for making the journal a success. We extend a special thank you to those individuals who volunteered their time to review manuscript submissions. Without their help, the journal would not be possible.

The JBAO Business Student Research Paper Competition

In an effort to encourage competition, imagination, and innovation among the business students at Arkansas Tech University, the journal is proud to announce the first JBAO Business Student Research Paper Competition. The competition honors outstanding student papers in the areas of accounting, management, marketing, business education, economics, finance and technology. The first and second place awards will be announced at the School of Business Awards Ceremony.

There are five conditions for eligibility.

    1. The entrant must have been a business student on or after July 1 of the academic year under consideration.
    2. The paper must present original research results or be of a conceptual nature such as review and analysis of the literature on a topic or the results of archival research.
    3. The research must have been conducted and the paper written while the entrant was a student.
    4. The paper must be written by the entrant with only minor outside editorial assistance. One or more advisors may appear as co-authors of a paper, but the student must be the 'first author'.
    5. The paper must not have won a prize in a previous JBAO Competition.

The submission deadline for the Spring 2005 JBAO Business Student Paper Competition is April 1, 2005 at midnight. The submission deadline for the Fall 2005 issue is October 1, 2005 at midnight. The paper must be submitted electronically via e-mail and a Word attachment. The manuscript must conform to the requirements of the JBAO.

Student entries must be accompanied by a letter signed by both a faculty advisor and the entrant attesting that the five eligibility conditions have been satisfied. The entrant must include an electronic mail address and telephone number at which s/he can be contacted in the event s/he is selected as a finalist.

We strongly encourage our faculty to make their students aware of this competition. Faculty already requiring research papers in their courses are in an excellent position to identify manuscripts suitable for journal submission. We hope that those faculty not requiring research papers will consider adding this as a partial requirement for completion of the course.

If you have any questions about the competition, please contact me.

Genie Black,
Editor – JBAO



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