Committees, Members & Functions

To facilitate the accomplishment of the Arkansas Tech University College of Business mission, the following standing committees are maintained:

Assurance of Learning Committee

  • Dr. Stephen Jones (Chair)
  • Dr. Tracy Cole
  • Dr. Nina Goza
  • Dr. Jack Tucci
  • Establish and modify, as necessary, the assessment cycle and process for the College of Business programs.
  • Identify appropriate groups (coordinated with Department Heads) to carry out each assessment task, including but not limited to (a) gathering baseline data, (b) gathering on-going performance data, (c) analyzing the performance data gathered, (d) recommending actions for change, and (e) reporting on assessment outcomes.
  • Prepare annually the Colleges' Quality and Assessment Report.
  • The Colleges' Director of Assessment shall serve as Chair of the Committee.

Curriculum Committee

  • Dr. Debra Hunter (Chair)
  • Dr. Mark Reavis
  • Dr. Masanori Kuroki
  • Dr. Kim Troboy
  • Dr. Jim Walton
  • Dr. Stephen Jones (Ex Officio)
  • Monitor the College of Business core curriculum; evaluate all College of Business proposed course and program changes, and forward recommendations to the Colleges' Dean prior to transmittal to the Vice President for Academic Affairs.
  • Insure that program missions/goals reflect the University and College missions, needs of constituencies being served, and the Colleges' competencies and competitive advantages.
  • Enhance College of Business policies and procedures as appropriate to support assurance of learning efforts and compliance with accreditation standards for curriculum content and evaluation.
  • Consult with relevant stakeholders for each program.
  • Work with the Colleges' Assurance of Learning Committee to identify the appropriate input, processes, and outcome performance measures for the Colleges' degree program.
  • The Committee Chair shall submit an annual report of committee activities to the Dean of the College.

Faculty Development Committee

  • Dr. Kevin Mason (Chair)
  • Dr. Sherman Alexander
  • Dr. Linda Bean
  • Dr. Loretta Cochran
  • Determine ways and means to stimulate, support, and improve continuing faculty intellectual development and renewal, and faculty involvement in academic and professional organizations.
  • Develop the policies and practices needed to conduct an annual monitoring of faculty intellectual contributions to insure that consistency and continuity of effort occurs in areas appropriate to the mission of the College.
  • Develop criteria that assure that faculty possess sufficient academic and professional qualifications.
  • Develop definitions of Participating and Supporting faculty.
  • Review and improve the orientation and mentoring program for new faculty.
  • The Committee Chair shall submit an annual report of committee activities to the Dean of the College.

Strategic Planning Committee

  • Dr. Lisa Toms (Chair)
  • Dr. Loretta Cochran
  • Mr. Nathan George
  • Dr. Debra Hunter
  • Dr. Stephen Jones
  • Dr. Mark Reavis
  • Mr. John Riggins
  • Mr. LeMoyne Smith
  • Dr. Jack Tucci
  • Develop the Colleges' strategic plan and oversee its implementation.
  • Annually review the Colleges' strategic plan.
  • Review and implement changes in the Colleges' committees and their functions.
  • The Dean of the College shall serve as Chair of the committee.
  • The Dean shall prepare annual Maintenance of Accreditation Report.

Student and Alumni Affairs Committee

  • Dr. Nina Goza (Chair)
  • Mrs. Alice Batch
  • Mrs. Laura Griffin
  • Dr. Efosa Idemudia
  • Mrs. Tracy Johnston
  • Dr. Kevin Mason
  • Dr. Lisa Toms (Ex Officio)
  • Ms. Susan Morris (Guest)
  • Mrs. Courtney Pratt (Guest)
  • Coordinate the annual College of Business Awards Ceremony.
  • Ensure College of Business students are recognized for their achievements outside the College.
  • Develop ways to increase the engagement of the College of Business with its alumni.
  • Review and acquire data needed to identify student concerns and evaluate existing College and University services for students on an on-going basis to identify areas of improvement.
  • Envision appropriate changes in student services and work with students and university constituencies to help identify specific actions and resources to accomplish them.
  • The Committee Chair shall submit an annual report of committee activities to the Colleges' Dean. 

Instructional Resources Committee

  • Dr. Loretta Cochran (Chair)
  • Mrs. Alice Batch
  • Dr. Pam Carr
  • Mrs. Laura Griffin
  • Recommend library acquisitions to Department Heads and Dean. Annually develop a prioritized list of library needs by surveying college faculty.
  • Recommend instructional resource acquisitions to Department Heads and Dean. Annually develop a prioritized list of faculty needs for instructional resources.
  • Distribute annually to the colleges' faculty an inventory of the colleges' instructional resources (equipment, videos, software, etc.) and their locations.
  • The Committee Chair shall submit an annual report to the Colleges' Dean detailing committee activities along with library and instructional resource acquisitions.