Committee Functions and Members

Curriculum/Assurance of Learning Committee

  • Dr. Matt Brown (Chair)
  • Dr. Roc Huang
  • Dr. Debra Hunter
  • Mrs. Tracy Johnston
  • Dr. Jack Tucci
  • Dr. Jim Walton
  • Dr. Wan Wei
  • Manage curriculum review and revision process (new programs)
  • Manage adoption of new degree programs
  • Manage policies related to degree requirements/catalog descriptions
  • Manage Assurance of Learning process


Faculty Policy Committee

  • Dr. Loretta Smith
  • Dr. Ahmed Elkassabgi
  • Dr. Stephen Jones
  • Dr. Masa Kuroki
  • Measuring quality of research
  • Faculty qualifications policies
  • Measuring impact of research
  • Plan for continuous improvement of Intellectual Contributions
  • Teaching effectiveness
  • Performance Evaluation Process


Strategic Management Committee

  • Dr. Matt Brown
  • Dr. Tracy Cole
  • Dr. Roc Huang
  • Dr. Stephen Jones
  • Dr. Kevin Mason
  • Manage Resources
  • Manage Strategic Plan implementation process/review
  • Annual review of Mission Statement
  • Manage accreditation process


Student Engagement Committee

  • Dr. John Narcum (Chair)
  • Mrs. Angie Bell
  • Mrs. Sara Daniel
  • Mrs. Katelynn Hopson
  • Mrs. Tonya Mays
  • Mr. Dawood Sayyed
  • Dr. Loretta Smith
  • Dr. Jim Walton
  • Mrs. Susan West
  • Mr. Hanyang (Albert) Zhang
  • Experiential learning policies and practices
  • Student admissions policies
  • Advising
  • Student recruiting and tetention plan and implementation