Microsoft IT Academy



Click here: News Article - Students earn Microsoft Office Master Certification Spring 2016.

The Microsoft IT Academy is a subscription-based membership program designed to help academic institutions offer students and faculty learning solutions for IT skills training and certification as well as technology essentials for professionals. This is a service offered to current Arkansas Tech University students, faculty and staff at the main campus location.

Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification is the premier credential chosen by individuals seeking to validate their skills and advance their careers.


Access to these resources can help students build a successful future with the skills that employers demand. Microsoft IT Academy offers the opportunity for faculty and staff to stay up to date on the latest Microsoft technologies. Best of all, its built-in flexibility makes it easy to integrate these technologies into new or existing curricula, so academic institutions can tailor classes to meet the needs of their students.

How to Access the Microsoft IT Academy

Go to the Microsoft IT Academy Learning Plans webpage and log in with your ATU user name and password.

Microsoft Digital Literacy

The goal of the Digital Literacy curriculum is to teach and assess basic computer concepts and skills so that people can use computer technology in everyday life to develop new social and economic opportunities for themselves, their families, and their communities.

Whether you are entirely new to computing or have some experience, this curriculum will help you develop a fundamental understanding of computers. From using the Internet, to sending email, to creating a resume, the Digital Literacy Curriculum helps you develop the essential skills you need to begin computing with confidence.

Microsoft Interactive Guides

These online Microsoft Interactive Guides are video-based. Each course includes several video lessons, a brief quiz (not scored), and a printable Quick Reference Card. You can take these training courses at your desk and at your own pace simply by viewing them in a web browser. No special installation or configuration is required.

Microsoft Online Learning

Official Microsoft Online Learning products are available on an unlimited basis to Microsoft IT Academy members worldwide. These courses are designed to provide the best and most complete learning solutions possible, matched to the learning style and objectives of each student. Course completion will prepare students for Microsoft Office Specialist Certification.

What is Microsoft Office Specialist Certification?

Microsoft Office is a powerful service designed to unleash the best ideas, get things done and stay connected on the go. And MOS shows the world that you have the skills to tap the full features and functionality of Microsoft Office. You can demonstrate your increased performance, individual differentiation and personal confidence.

Microsoft Office Specialist 2013 Exams
  1. Microsoft Office Word Core
  2. Microsoft Office Excel Core
  3. Microsoft Office PowerPoint
  4. Microsoft Office Access
  5. Microsoft Office Outlook
  6. Microsoft Office OneNote
  7. Microsoft Office SharePoint
  8. Microsoft Office Word Expert Part 1
  9. Microsoft Office Word Expert Part 2
  10. Microsoft Office Excel Expert Part 1
  11. Microsoft Office Excel Expert Part 2

With three certification levels, the MOS credential allows individuals to validate their skills and progress toward their career goals.

At the Core and Expert level, individuals get certified in specific Microsoft Office applications. At the Master level, individuals must successfully complete 4 certification exams 3 required and 1 elective.

Why should you get certified in Microsoft?

Microsoft certification is important for two reasons:

  1. Microsoft Excel and Access are industry-standard tools used in the business world.
  2. The recruiters that work with Arkansas Tech University's College of Business ask us for students who have a solid foundation in Excel and Access.

This certification, called Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS), is recognized around the world. It's proof-positive that you are proficient with the software; it will set you apart from your peers, and it will give you a competitive edge that Arkansas Tech University wants for all our students.

To read more about the Microsoft Office Specialist exam, click here. You do not need to purchase any vouchers for the exams. Arkansas Tech University has a site license which allows you to take the exams.

Please note: Arkansas Tech University's Microsoft Certification Program is for Arkansas Tech University students only.

What things do you need?

It is possible to study for this certification using either your own computer, or ATU's computer labs.

Microsoft IT Academy Learning Plans

Regardless of where you study, you need access to Microsoft IT Academy's learning plans for each of the software programs. You can log in to IT Academy by clicking here and using your OneTech log in information.

Please note that IT Academy requires Microsoft Silverlight. If you need to install Microsoft Silverlight on your own computer click here.

If you would like to use your own computer to study and prep, here's what you need:

What do you need to do?
  1. Learn - Complete the self-paced pre-work that you receive through Microsoft IT Academy Learning Plans.
  2. Practice - Use GMetrix to take practice exams. Click here to learn about GMetrix, what it's for, and how to use it. Important Note: you must pass at least five exams with a score of 800 (80%) or better in Testing mode before registering for an exam.
  3. Certify - Register for an exam. Once you're done with steps 1 and 2, choose a date, and reserve your spot by contacting the College of Business office in Rothwell Hall (479) 968-0233. 

Facts about the MOS exams

A certification exam follows a general but specific guideline: you will be tested on your knowledge of specific categories/topics that have been selected specifically to demonstrate proficiency in a particular skill set or area.While the categories are specific, the questions will be random. This means is that you probably won't see the same questions you saw using GMetrix, but you'll probably see ones that are topically similar. This is because a certification exam is designed to certify that you know how to solve a problem not just that you know the answer.

Taking the Exam

When you are ready to take the exam, register to take the exam by stopping by or calling the College of Business at (479) 968-0233. We will verify that you've achieved the appropriate number of passing scores with GMetrix, and then accept your registration. At that time, you just need to make sure you're on time, with your ATU ID card, and ready to go.