Master of Science in Fisheries & Wildlife Science

The Master of Science in Fisheries and Wildlife Science was established in the Fall of 2000 to build on Arkansas Tech University's longstanding tradition of educating fisheries and wildlife professionals. Students interested in the program are encouraged to apply. Students have the option of a thesisor anon-thesis based program. Application procedures are listed below and guidelines for admission to the program are contained within the graduate catalogue description of our program.


(Thesis & Non-Thesis Options)

Full-time teaching and research assistantships of $13,000 per annum with full tuition waivers are available on a regular basis for the thesis option, pending the status of funding cycles and the outcome of grant writing efforts. Duties of a full-time teaching assistant include instructing two freshman-level biological laboratories per semester, assisting with an upper-division fisheries and wildlife course, and work on a thesis research project. Duties of a full-time research assistantship focus primarily on research related directly to the source of funding for a grant, and may include research obligations beyond those required by the thesis project. Assistantships sometimes are a hybrid of the the two types of assistantships. In addition, thesis & non-thesis graduate students can apply for $2,000 annually renewable scholarships made available by the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission to supplement graduate assistant stipends.

A good way to determine if assistantships are available is to directly contact the Fisheries and Wildlife faculty member whose research interests and background most closely resemble your career goals. Faculty contact information can be found on our Faculty page. Assistantships, when available, are frequently advertised in AFS Fisheries, TWS The Wildlifer, and on the Texas A&M Job Board. Access to these sites, and other job/graduate school sites, can be found at the bottom of our Student page.


To Apply, Forward The Following Information To:

The Graduate College
1507 North Boulder Ave.
Arkansas Tech University
Russellville, AR 7280

  1. Official copies of your GRE scores.
  2. Official copies of transcripts for all colleges you have attended.
  3. Two letters of recommendation, using the form provided by the Graduate College, from professors familiar with your academic ability.
  4. A letter of intent that addresses your interests, goals, and reasons for applying to the degree program.
  5. A graduate school application form. The form can be obtained online from the Graduate College

Applications should be received before November 1 for enrollment the following spring semester and May 1 for enrollment the following fall semester to ensure full consideration for teaching and research assistantships. Applications received after these dates will be considered as funds become available. Applications for graduate assistantships are available through the Office of Graduate College. If you need additional information on the program or potential research projects please feel free to contact any of the fisheries and wildlife faculty. Their e-mails and phone numbers can be found on their web pages.