Financial Assistance for Graduate Students

The sources of financial assistance for Fisheries and Wildlife Science graduate students includes Graduate Assistantships, and scholarships including the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission Conservation Scholarship. Students are encouraged to visit ATU Financial Aid office for more information on financing a graduate education. 


Graduate assistantships 

Full-time teaching and research assistantships of $13,200 per annum with full tuition waiver are available on a regular basis for the M.S. FW - thesis option students, pending the status of funding cycles and the outcome of grant writing efforts. Recruitment of students for Graduate Assistantships is highly competitive and when available, they are advertised on the Texas A&M Job Board

GA's can be teaching assistantships or research assistantships or a hybrid of both depending on funding sources and program needs. GA's with teaching duties typically instruct two freshman-level biological laboratories per semester, assist with an upper-division fisheries and wildlife course, participate in a tutoring lab, and work on a thesis research project. Duties of a full-time research assistantship are related to a specific research project, related to the source of funding for a grant, and may include research obligations beyond those required by the thesis project.


Arkansas Game and Fish Conservation Scholarship

Both FW - thesis and non-thesis graduate students are encouraged to apply for the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission's Conservation Scholarship (currently $2,000 annually renewable).

 AGFC Conservation Scholarship

Other Scholarships and financial aid

Graduate students can be eligible for other forms of financial aid and scholarships. For more information contact the ATU Financial Aid office and/or the ATU Scholarship Foundation


Procedure for Starting New Graduate Assistants