Applying for the Fish and Wildlife Program

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Undergraduate Program Application

Applications can be obtained in person at the Doc Bryan Student Services Building located just west of the coliseum on the ATU campus.

Tuition at Tech

TECH is an exceptionally good value for your tuition dollars. Our in-state tuition compares very favorably with other universities in Arkansas, and costs for out-of-state students very often are similar to those they would be paying to attend a university within their home state. This makes TECH a practical choice for out-of-state students interested in beginning a career in fisheries and wildlife. More information on in-state and out-of-state tuition waivers and academic scholarships can be obtained from the Admissions Office at the contacts listed to the left.



Graduate Program Application

Students are eligible to apply for unconditional admission to the Master of Science degree program in Fisheries and Wildlife Science (Thesis or Non-Thesis Options) if they have met admission requirements for the Graduate College, completed courses in fisheries management or wildlife management, ecology, and statistics with a minimum grate of "C", filed scores for the Graduate Record Examination in the Graduate College, prepared a letter of intent, and provided two letters of recommendation. Qualified students without the courses listed above may be accepted conditionally provided the deficiencies are made up without graduate credit.

Thesis and non-thesis MS options are available.

Please be aware that meeting minimum requirements for entry into the program does not guarantee admission to the thesis option. Students are only admitted to this option when a faculty member has the resources to support assistantship, tuition, and research expenses. Consequently, only a few students are accepted per year, and admission into this option is very competitive. Available positions generally are advertised on the Texas A&M job board, and/or with the American Fisheries Society, The Wildlife Society, and other media as appropriate for the position. Their web sites can be accessed via our Jobs/Graduate School web page.

Students submitting formal applications will be considered for openings, but qualified students are encouraged to correspond with faculty members whose interests most closely parallel theirs to determine if opportunities might be available and increase their chances for acceptance. Please be aware that it is not unusual to receive funding for projects at the last minute. Admission to a graduate program is a major commitment of the student, advising professor, and the program. Consequently, qualified students are encouraged to visit campus before accepting a position to help ensure that the program, research project, and relationship with the major professor fall within their expectations.


Forward The Following Information To:

The Graduate College
1507 North Boulder Ave.
Arkansas Tech University
Russellville, AR 72801

  1. Official copies of your GRE scores AND official copies of transcripts for ALL colleges you have attended.
  2. TWO letters of recommendation, using the form provided by the Graduate College, from professors familiar with your academic ability. You can download the letter of recommendation form using Adobe Acrobat Reader.
  3. A letter of intent that addresses your interests, goals, and reasons for applying to the degree program.
  4. A completed Graduate College application form.

If you need additional information on the program or potential research projects please feel free to contact any of the fisheries and wildlife faculty. Their e-mails and phone numbers can be found on their web pages under faculty, and on the F&W homepage.