Graduate F&W Faculty Research Interests

Sue_ColvinDR. SUE COLVIN, PH.D. 

Assistant Professor of Fisheries Science

Research interests:

  • Investigating how stream connectivity & flow permanence impact fish assemblage metrics such as richness and endemism.
  • Investigating patterns in fish species diversity & traits in relation to aquatic habitat type.
  • Studying habitat & flow requirements for endemic Ozark and Ouachita Mountain fishes.

Current research projects:

  • Investigating the impact of low pass concrete barriers, culverts, and bridges on Ozark stream fishes.
  • Investigating variables associated with endangered and threatened fish species expenditures.
  • Investigating the evolution of AFS publications over time.


kheckeDr. Kyler Hecke, Ph.D. 

Visiting Assistant Professor of Fisheries Science

Research interests:

  • Fish community ecology.
  • Spatial applications in fish and mussel distributions.
  • Fish and mussel conservation.

Current research projects

  • Examination of mussel species distributions in the Louisiana portion of Bayou Bartholomew.
  • Competition and co-occurrence among darters.
  • Ecological niche-modeling of fish species of greatest conservation need.



  jjackson3Dr. John Jackson, Ph.D. 

Interim Dean of College of Natural and Health Sciences; Professor of Fisheries Science

Research interests

  • Management of reservoir and riverine fishes.
  • Environmental impacts of large river manipulations.
  • Farm pond management.

Current research projects:

  • Investigating movement patterns of sauger in the Arkansas River system.
  • Examining stocking patterns of white and black crappie in Arkansas reservoirs.


 Wildlife Faculty

Dr. Chris Kellner, Ph.D.Chris with snake

Professor of Wildlife Science

Research interests

  • Population ecology of birds and lizards, especially how habitat structure influences use of space and demographics. 
  • For birds, I am particularly interested in how silvicultural practices influence community structure and population size. 
  • For lizards, I am particularly interested in how habitat complexity influences population size, movements, survival, and individual growth. 

Current research projects:

  •  I am currently comparing population trends of rusty blackbirds among different physiographic regions within Arkansas.  One of my graduate students is also investigating home range and habitat selection in urban landscapes in Central Arkansas. 
  • I am also investigating growth patterns of prairie lizards among three structurally different habitats.   


Jorista bobcatDr. Jorista Garrie, Ph.d.

Assistant Professor of Wildlife Science

Research interests:

  • Mammalian population ecology and conservation biology.
  • Interactions between mammals and their food sources.
  • Movement ecology of small and large mammals. 

Current Research projects

  • Bat foraging ecology in response to prescribed burns, in Northwest Arkansas.
  • Demographics and birth sex ratios in white-tailed deer in Arkansas.

Dr. Garrie Lab


Tom with possumDr. Tom Nupp, Ph.D.

Interim Department Head of Biological Sciences; Fisheries and Wildlife Program Director; Professor of Wildllife Science

Research interests:

  • Mammalian community ecology.
  • GIS applications in Wildlife Ecology and Management.
  • Management of endangered species

Current research projects:

  • Examination of disturbance patterns at endangered Interior Least Tern colonies on the Arkansas River.
  • Interactions among small mammals, mesocarnivores and endangered American Burying Beetles.
  • Examination of small mammal carcass disturbance and decay.