What You Will Learn 

What is the Ozark-Ouachita Studies Degree?

This interdisciplinary program is designed to enhance the educational experience of students from the region who may wish to remain in the state and the region after graduation. The program was derived from student interest (across academic disciplines) in a variety of topics related to the Ozark Ouachita region. This Associate of Science program offers the opportunity for students across campus pursuing a diversity of majors to focus their academic energy on issues of importance to Arkansas and its citizens; the Ozark-Ouachita Studies degree is designed to give students from multiple majors complementary expertise focused on the region surrounding the university. One goal of the program is to make students uniquely employable in Arkansas businesses and to federal and state agencies targeted at cultural preservation, natural resource protection, and social services.


What Will I Learn In This Program?

This degree program includes a minimum number of required core courses and a high degree of flexibility with regard to electives so that students may tailor the degree to meet the specific needs of their primary major and area of expertise. Within this context, students who complete this degree will gain expertise in the following areas:


What Courses Will I Take?

The Academic Advising Center has created maps that are term-by-term sample course schedules based on the current Undergraduate Catalog. On each Degree Map, the milestones listed to the right of each term are designed to keep students on track to graduate in two years.


What Resources Are Available To Me?


Additional resources specifically for Tech students:


Where Might I Find A Job After Graduating From This Program?

A major goal of this program is to make ATU students uniquely qualified for employment with Arkansas businesses and nonprofits and with federal and state agencies focused cultural preservation, natural resource protection, and social services. Examples might include but are not limited to the United States Forest Service, the United States National Park Service, Arkansas State Parks, the Arkansas Archeological Survey, Heifer International, and various governmental and non-governmental community development organizations.


Where Can I Get More Information About The Cultural & Geospatial Studies Degree?

For more information about the Ozark-Ouachita Studies degree and requirements, see the program within the College of Arts and Humanities catalog.