Auditions for fellowships 

More than $700,000 of fellowship and scholarship money is available for dedicated and talented music students of any major!  You do not have to be a music major to be in any of our ensembles, or to receive fellowship money!  Email us at for more information and to set up your campus visit and audition!

Non-Major fellowships

All students majoring in something other than music who would like to be part of the band may audition for a fellowship by setting up an appointment with Dr. Daniel A. Belongia, Director of Bands ( Auditions are set up via email, and scheduled throughout the semester in the Spring of 2019 for entrance in Fall of 2019. The best time to audition is in association with Time-out for Tech, which occurs on January 24, 2019. The deadline for non-major auditions is April 1st, 2019. All students must be accepted to Arkansas Tech University before receiving an offer for a fellowship.

The Band of Distinction is open to all students of all majors. You do not need to audition unless you would like to be considered for a fellowship. If you would like to just participate in ABD, then you need only fill out our mailing list form. We will mail a response to you that will fill you in on how to sign up for band.

Music Major fellowships

If you are interested in auditioning to be admitted as a music major, you can audition at one of our audition days or you can set up an audition with your applied music professor as listed below.  This audition will serve both as your admissions audition and your audition for a Music Performance Fellowship.  Students who are interested in majoring in music, including the Bachelor of Arts degree or the Bachelor of Music Education degree, need to complete this audition.  Fellowship awards for music majors are tiered, based upon the quality of the audition.  All students must be accepted to Arkansas Tech University before receiving an offer for a fellowship. Register for your audition here.


Music Major Auditions 2018-2019


Music Major Applied Teachers

Flute - Karen Futterer -
Oboe, Bassoon, Saxophone - Ken Futterer -
Clarinet - Dr. Nicolas del Grazia -
Trumpet - Dr. TJ Perry -
French horn - Evan Mino -
Trombone, Euphonium - Dr. Sean Reed -
Tuba - Clayton Maddox -
Percussion - Phil Parker -