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Health Care & Insurance

You should have completed your health form record and returned it with your application.

University Infirmary

Ms. Becky Gray, a registered nurse, is on duty from 8:00a.m. until 5:00p.m. Monday through Friday.

If You Are Sick

  1. Go to the campoffice
  2. Secure a "sick slip"
  3. Proceed to the Infirmary with a counselor
  4. Return the sick slip to the camp officeafter you have seen the nurse

If needed, transportation will be provided. If you are too ill to report to the camp office, ask your counselor to assist you. Illnesses occurring when the Infirmary is not open may necessitate travel to the clinic or the emergency room at St. Mary's Hospital. These decisions will be made by the Camp Director.

IMPORTANT: Our camp health and insurance program is a secondary coverage policy. In other words, it pays for whatever your individual primary health policy does not cover, for example:

  1. Infirmary for accident occurring after arrival at camp.
  2. Doctor and hospitalization for accidental injury while at camp in excess of your primary insurance.

The Camp Policy Does Not Cover

  1. Treatment for accidental injury covered by your own primary insurance
  2. Pre-existing illness or conditions
  3. Hospitalization for illness
  4. Hospital "emergency room" charges for illness
  5. Prescriptions
  6. Dental work
  7. Eyeglasses

The above statements are merely to give you an idea of general coverage. If parents or students have specific questions, please contact the Camp Director.

Students Having Insurance Claims

Report to theCamp Office and complete the necessary forms before checking out of camp.