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About Band Camp

All Camps:

We at Arkansas Tech University are primarily concerned with the safety of all of our campers. All of our instructors, staff, and counselors, go through a rigorous selection procedure and meet the State of Arkansas guidelines for educational instructors in regard to criminal background checks and training with minors. Camp staff is hired from a proven group of students who are currently working on Arkansas teaching certification, or are upstanding and proven members of Arkansas' Band of Distinction.

Middle School Band Camp:

This camp is designed for beginners. The primary focus is the fact that campers are probably attending their first "big" camp. Special attention is paid to each student in regard to safety, schedule, and how they are 'feeling' about being at camp. Our student to faculty ratios far exceed the state requirements in this camp to provide a maximum amount of care and management. The design of camp is geared to the 12 year old age group, making use of the most current teaching philosophy and technologies. At camp, each student will get an opportunity to completely review every basic aspect of their instrument to ensure that they are on the road to great fundamentals and a lifetime of music making. The schedule is full, with every minute of the day planned to ensure that the students are actively engaged in safe learning and social activities.

Junior High School Band Camp:

This camp is designed to prepare students for the rigors of high school band, and to get them on great footing for All-Region preparation. Additionally, we look to be able to identify students who have basic playing errors and correct those. This camp introduces electives, which are selected on the first day of camp, as well as private lessons that would take place with a qualified instructor on the given instrument. The daily schedule is more like junior high school, remaining structured at all times. Safety remains our highest priority.

Senior High School Band Camp:

The Senior camp is more varied than our other camps as students have varied needs. The camp is designed to be flexible enough to identify students who have basic needs on their instruments, while also identifying students preparing for All-State auditions or collegiate entrance auditions as majors. Specialized instructors are assigned based on the specific needs of the students. The schedule has more structured free time than other camps, but still manages students time effectively to guarantee safety.


During the camps a music store is available beginning onMonday of each camp for the purchase of small items such as reeds, oil, etc. Stores cooperating to provide this service are ASBS Music Company of Russellville and Cooper Musical Instruments of Russellville.


You may purchase a meal plan for your noon and supper meals from the cafeteria. The meal plan includes lunch and supper Monday through Friday of camp (10 meals). The cost is $65. Your registration time is on the Monday of camp at 10:30 a.m. in the lobby of Witherspoon. All off campus students need to check in daily. Students in Middle School and Junior High are not permitted to sign in themselves. If a parent/guardian is unable to do this, a form (available at registration) may be filled out and signed by the parent stating who has permission to drop off/pick up their child. Senior High students may sign in themselves if the parent first signs a release form available during registration. A sign in/out table will be located in the Camp Business office. Off campus students will be assigned to the nearest dorm of the same sex to use as a place to visit or hang out during their free time.


We encourage all parents to visit with us for our concerts and our recreational events. All parents visiting campus during the week of camp need to check in at the camp office, Witherspoon room 165, and receive a visitor name tag before going into the dorms. For out-of-town parents, reservations may be made in advance. A list of motels located near the Highway 7 exit of I-40 includes:

Best Western Inn ( 967-1000 ) Motel 6 ( 968-3666 )

Hampton Inn ( 858- 7199 ) Fairfield Inn & Suites ( 967-9030 )

Days Inn ( 968-5511 ) LaQuinta Inn & Suites (967-2299)

Super 8 ( 968-8898 )


Students mail during camp should be addressed to: (name), Arkansas Tech Summer Music Camp, Witherspoon Rm. 165, 407 West Q Street, Russellville, AR 72801-2222.


Band Camp business office: (479) 968-0324

Camp Office: (479) 968-0624 (during camp weeks only)

ATU Department of Music: (479) 968-0368


There are structured activities on campus every night of the week!


Students attending Junior High or Senior High camps may now sign up for private lessons on the application. These lessons are offered at $15.00 per half-hour lesson. Lessons are scheduled for the student during one of the electives, and the instructor is chosen by the camp director. Instructors for these lessons are specialists who are hand selected by the director for their skill and experience on each instrument.


The students during the camp day will wear typical school clothing. Shorts are permitted. ATU building regulations require that shoes be worn in all campus buildings. Concert uniform is "Sunday Dress" and includes at least a dress shirt and tie for men. Coats/suits are preferred. "School Clothes" are appropriate for the dance.


The ATU Band Camp and/or Arkansas Tech University will not be responsible for lost or left items, although every effort will be made to return any items found. Please check in the Camp Office for lost items or call the Band Camp Business Office following the camp session. Having a name on all items will help us get them to the rightful owner.


Instrument mutes or other accessories, linens (sheets, pillow, pillowcase, bedspread, light blanket, towels, wash cloths). Students wishing to take flag or twirling (JR camp only)must bring their own equipment including sunscreen, a water bottle, and tennis shoes.


No tobacco products, alcohol, fireworks, skateboards, rollerblades, rollershoes, or laser pointers. If you choose to bring a cell phone, it must remain off during classes, assemblies, and other camp functions.


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