Audio Projects 


Podcasts consist of digital audio or video files that are presented by a "podcaster" who provides original recorded content with commentary and other supporting digital documents such as photos and text.  Common places to find podcasts are from video content providers (YouTube, Vimeo), blogs (Blogger, Wordpress), social media (Facebook, Soundcloud), and a host of personal and organizational websites.

The ATU Audio Lab provides high quality microphones, an iMac digital workstation, and excellent software to support podcasting projects.

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Audio Editing & Mastering

Audio editing and mastering are two processes that differ from "mixing."  Editing and mastering a basic mono, stereo or surround sound recording is usually the final process completed after mixing several audio tracks into one file.  In many cases where mixing is not needed, we simply record a stereo track, edit the parts not needed or desired, and enhance or "sweeten" the sound for final production known as "mastering." 

The audio editing and mastering programs we have available include Audacity, Adobe Audition, and Wavelab


Multitrack Recording & Beat Mixing

Many audio projects require the "mixing" of multiple recordings commonly known as "tracks" into one stereo or surround sound audio file.  Multitrack recording and "beat mixing" is possible with a number of software programs including Ableton Live, Audacity, Adobe Audition, GarageBand, Ignite, and Logic Pro X.


Voice-Overs & Video Editing

The ATU Audio Lab supports the ability to record narrations needed for film documentaries and PowerPoints projects with several types of microphones ranging from medium to high quality.  Video editing is also supported with software programs including iMovie and Adobe Premiere Pro.