ATUNow Ver.


Information on Testing, Feedback and Known Issues

Current Information as of 8/17/18 and previous update 4/6/2018

1.  Live Production Soft Launch - 2/7/2018 - Live App with new branding 8/17/18

2. Including other Apps in Menu:

a. Requires called apps to have a IOS Scheme URL or Goggle Call ID.  If the app doesn't have it we cant launch the app directly.


Dine on Campus, ATU Rewards (Athletics) (if not installed it will take you to the store and allow you to install)

Not Working:

ATU Traditions, ATU Experience - working with their publishers for codes

b. ATU Calendar - closed menu navigation for better mobile view, you can now click day for today's view (completed 4/3/18 - tested and working)

3. Known Issues:

a. Sign In only lasts until loss of focus on the app - may have to sign in again

b.  Finger Print (BioMetric) not working - doesn't look like it will any time soon

c. Notifications require you to be signed in to view fully

4. Notes:

a. To find buildings you need to open the Campus Map and look at the upper right and click the building icon or type a building name in the search box

b. Beacons may be used at a later date to lauch informational pages when in certain areas.