Academic support assessment


Assessment of Academic Support

Academic support offices at ATU strive for excellence in professional practice with annual assessment and comprehensive self-assessment on a five to seven year cycle following the Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education (CAS) standards. Offices preparing to undergo CAS assessment can download the ATU CAS Review document here. Please contact the Office of Assessment and Institutional Effectiveness for access to the appropriate CAS Self-Assessment Guide and set-up of a CAS Weave project.

Review Schedule
Office Last Review Next Review
Office of Academic Affairs ND Spring 2021
Academic Advising Center Spring 2017 Spring 2022
Assessment and Institutional Effectiveness ND Spring 2023
Career Services ND Spring 2020
Graduate Student Support Services ND Fall 2020
Institutional Research ND Spring 2022
Library ND  Spring 2021
Office of Information Systems Spring 2015  Spring 2020
Registrar Fall 2019 Fall 2024
Sponsored Programs Spring 2017 Spring 2022
Student Success ND Fall 2021
Study Abroad Spring 2020 Spring 2025
Undergraduate Research ND Spring 2020
Office Last Review Next Review
Administrative Services ND Fall 2021
Budget and Special Programs Office ND Spring 2022
Controller (accounting, accounts payable, disbursement) ND  Spring 2022
Facilities Management / Physical Plant ND Fall 2020
Human Resources ND Spring 2021
Payroll ND Spring 2021
Procurement & Risk Management Services / Travel Services ND Spring 2021
Student Accounts Spring 2017 Spring 2022
Office Last Review Next Review
Advancement / Alumni Spring 2019 Spring 2024


Office Last Review Next Review
Admissions & Recruitment Fall 2017 Fall 2022
Student Financial Aid ND Fall 2022 
Marketing and Communication (MARCOMM) ND Spring 2021 
Office Last Review Next Review

Campus Life

(Campus Activities, 
Campus Recreation, 
Civic Engagement, 
Commuter Student Services, 
Fraternity and Sorority Life,
Orientation Programs, 
Parent and Family Relations, 
Veteran Services)

ND  Fall 2020
Counseling Services Fall 2017 Fall 2022
Disability Services Spring 2018 Spring 2023
Diversity and Inclusion ND  Spring 2020
Health Services ND Fall 2019
International Student Services (IMSSO) ND  Spring 2020
Public Safety Spring 2015, Spring 2020 Spring 2025
Residence Life Fall 2016 Spring 2020
Student Conduct ND Spring 2020
Student Support Services (TRIO) Spring 2019 Spring 2024
Title IX ND  Spring 2020
Office Last Review Next Review
Academic Affairs ND  Fall 2021
Administration and Finance ND  Fall 2021
Enrollment Management ND  Spring 2021
Student Services ND  Spring 2021


Office Last Review Next Review
Athletics ND Fall 2020
Institutional Research  ND Fall 2021