Academic support assessment



Academic support units

Administrative departments, offices, and functional units in all divisions and at all campuses at ATU have two assessment processes for improvement in professional practice:

  1. annual assessment 
  2. comprehensive program review

These processes are supported through guidance and review by the Academic Support Assessment Committee.


under way now

1st Quarter Assessment

(July - September)

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Assessment in academic support embodies the Higher Learning Commission's 4th Guiding Value,  "A culture of continuous improvement”, which states, 

A process of assessment is essential to continuous improvement, and therefore a commitment to assessment should be deeply embedded in an institution’s activities. Assessment applies not only to student learning and educational outcomes but to an institution’s approach to improvement of institutional effectiveness.



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1. Annual Assessment Plans

Academic support units complete annual (July 1 - June 30) assessment following a standard assessment cycleUnits are required to enter their plans into the Weave assessment management systemThese plans support the unit’s comprehensive program review.

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2. Comprehensive Program Review

To improve professional practice, academic support units are asked to complete an in-depth self-study review every five to seven years following the guidelines of the Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education (CAS)

The University Assessment and Accreditation (UAA) office offers "CAS Class", an online course in Blackboard and Weave, to assist units in completing a self-study and five-year action plan. The class starts in January and July and is completed in 18 weeks. The UAA office coordinates with units to register for the course. For more information about CAS Class and CAS review, please contact the UAA office


Flyer for CAS Class


For more comprehensive information about these assessment processes, please see the ASSESSMENT HANDBOOK FOR ACADEMIC SUPPORT.