College of Engineering &
Applied Sciences

Faculty and students in this College are actively involved in teaching, learning, and applying the various technologies that allow you to access this message. The College of Engineering & Applied Sciences has a competent, dedicated faculty with a sincere interest in the personal and professional development of our students. We have integrated computer applications, telecommunications, and other modern technologies into all of our programs. We believe that this approach is an important factor in continuing the excellent record of our graduates in initial job placement and subsequent success.

Mission Statement

The mission of the College is to provide high quality opportunities for learning that prepare students for their chosen profession and provide a foundation for life-long learning.  

Core Values

The College of Engineering & Applied Sciences values student learning.  The College values scholarly activity, especially as it relates to the enhancement of teaching and its positive impact on student learning.  The College values service to the University and to the local and professional communities.  The College seeks to demonstrate to students, and instill in them, high ethical standards of personal and professional conduct.  The College values the concept of the continual improvement of all its programs.