What You Will Learn 

What Is a Pre-Vet Degree?

This major combines the course work necessary to complete a degree in Agriculture Business while also fulfilling the requirements for admission to many veterinary schools.  The Pre-Veterinary Medicine option has some of the most challenging and diverse course requirements at Arkansas Tech University. 


What are the career opportunities?

The ultimate goal of this degree is to gain admission to veterinary school and thus enter the veterinary medicine profession. The Pre-Vet option will provide you with the attributes that veterinary schools are seeking in their students. For students who choose not to apply to vet school, this degree allows you to enter the world of animal related agricultural business or pursue graduate degrees in numerous animal science and health related fields.


Do I belong in a pre-vet option?

To be successful in the Pre-Vet option, you must first and foremost enjoy and excel in the biological sciences and chemistry; having a love for and desire to help animals is not enough. Admission to veterinary school is highly competitive and in order to be successful, students in this option must maintain an outstanding grade point average.  Additionally, you must acquire a working knowledge of the veterinary profession and build an outstanding resume by seeking out opportunities to work with and learn from practicing veterinarians. If you have the focus, drive and determination to succeed, this option can lead to the career you desire.


What Courses Will I Take?

The Academic Advising Center has created maps that are term-by-term sample course schedules based on the current Undergraduate Catalog. On each Degree Map, the milestones listed to the right of each term are designed to keep students on track to graduate in four years.

Course Descriptions can be viewed in the Undergraduate Catalog 


What Resources Are Available To Me?



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Where Might I Find A Job After Graduating From This Program?

Career opportunities exist in agricultural business firms, banks, and other financial agencies; marketing; food processing; extension; soil conservation; forestry; farm and agri-business management; and sales and distribution firms. Find out more by visiting Career Services.


Where Can I Get More Information About The Pre-Vet Degree?

Dr. Alvin Williams (awilliams37@atu.edu) has practiced Veterinary Medicine in Arkansas for 33 years.  He earned his DVM from Oklahoma State University and focused his practice on large animals.

Dr. Malcolm Rainey Jr. (mraineyjr@atu.edu) is an animal reproductive physiologist and serves as Head of the Department of Agriculture.  He earned his PhD from Mississippi State University and is interested in student academic and professional success.