Frequently Asked Questions

Who is my academic advisor?

Every student at Arkansas Tech is assigned an academic advisor. Students meet with an academic advisor to discuss major-related issues, as well as to register for classes each semester. All first-time, incoming freshmen complete their first academic advising appointment and register for classes in the Academic Advising Center (AAC). All students (excluding the College of Professional Studies) will be advised by the AAC's professional staff until sixty (60) credit hours are completed. At the completion of 60 credit hours, students will be aided by the AAC advisor in the transition to a faculty advisor.

All transfer students and returning students who have been gone longer than one year will also be advised through the AAC for their first appointment, regardless of number of earned hours. Those students who have earned approximately 60 credit hours will then transition to a faculty advisor for future terms.

The name of your assigned academic advisor is posted in your One Tech account. Click on the Student tab, and then look in the box labeled Academic Profile located in the upper, left corner of the page.

Who is my mentor?

In addition to an academic advisor, a mentor is assigned to all incoming freshmen as a part of Tech's Bridge to Excellence(B2E) program.

B2E helps guide Tech freshmen as they transition to college by providing motivation and support to help improve academic success, increase retention and encourage persistence to graduation.

How B2E works...

All entering fall freshmen are given the opportunity to take the Noel-Levitz online College Student Inventory (CSI) to determine his/her academic, social and financial readiness for college and the FOCUS 2 to explore their educational and career goals.

Students who complete a CSI and FOCUS 2 are assigned a volunteer faculty or staff mentor who works one-on-one with new students to help them make a smooth and successful transition to college.

The volunteer mentor arranges a meeting to discuss the mentee's potential needs as identified in the CSI Student Report and offers guidance regarding their education and career goals identified in the FOCUS 2 assessment. Recommendations are made and follow-up meetings are encouraged.

The mentor also serves as the freshman's "go-to-person" whenever they have questions or concerns about any college-related issue.

Is my mentor different from my academic advisor?

Yes. Academic Advisors assist students during the registration process each semester, keep students on track to graduation, and answer specific questions related to your major. A mentor is someone you may go to with questions or concerns related to your successful adjustment to college life. Both your academic advisor and your mentor should be a very important part of your life as a college student.

When do I have to declare my major?

Students are not required to declare a major until they have completed 45 earned hours.

How do I change/declare my major or minor?

Changing or declaring your major or minor is a simple process. Simply fill out this Change-of-Major form and turn it in at the Registrar's Office to be processed. After your major is declared or changed, the department of your new major will be notified by the Registrar's Office. If you have any questions about choosing or declaring a major or minor or how to complete the Change-of-Major form, you may contact one of the knowledgeable advisors located in the Advising Center by phone, email, Facebook, or in person.Find a list of majors and minors by clicking here.

What is a Student Registration Code (SRC)?

A Student Registration Code is a six-digit number that gives you access to use the self-service registration features located in the Registration Tools box of your OneTech account.

How do I get my registration code?

Before you may register for classes, you must schedule an appointment with your academic advisor. During your advising appointment, most advisors will issue your registration code so that you may select and enroll in your approved courses. This gives you the flexibility to choose your own meeting times and instructors. However, some advisors prefer not to issue registration codes. If you are not issued a registration code, your advisor will enroll you in your classes.

What is a syllabus?

A syllabus is a detailed guide to each class. It defines the objectives students will learn, outlines the book(s) to buy, and lists deadlines for assignments and exams. Students will receive a syllabus for each course during the first class meeting. Students, who enroll after the first class meeting, must contact the instructor to make sure they receive a syllabus.

What is Blackboard?

Most WEB (online) courses are conducted through Blackboard. Some professors use Blackboard as a supplement to face-to-face classes, as well. Blackboard can be used for completing homework, taking quizzes, accessing supplemental reading material, viewing grades, and utilizing discussion boards for class discussion outside the traditional classroom setting. When enrolled in an online course, students should check Blackboard daily.

Where do I find Blackboard?

The link to Blackboard is found under the Student tab of your OneTech Account or by typing in the address bar of any internet browser.

What is OneTech?

As an Arkansas Tech student, OneTech is the ultimate connection to a student's academic and social life. Through OneTech, students will access their Tech email account, class schedule, Blackboard account, transcript, billing invoice, campus event announcements, and much more. For security reasons, once enrolled in classes, faculty and staff may only respond to emails sent from the Tech email account.Students shouldcheck OneTechdaily once actively enrolled at Tech.