Policies & Procedures


Food Service Policy

The intent of these policies is to clarify and prevent any miscommunications about Meal Plans/Food Service carried out at Arkansas Tech University. The points set out in these policies will ensure that every student has the same fair treatment.

Meal Plans

All students residing in one of the Resident Halls on campus are required to have a meal plan.

Changing Meal Plans

Students are allowed to change their meal plan up until the 5th day after classes begin (this is the last day to register for classes). NO changes may be made after this date during the current semester. However, a student may add a meal plan at any time.

**Students who request and are approved to move to University Commons or Vista place after the last day to switch meal plans will not be allowed to cancel their meal plan. Please consider this when making your decision to move. **

**Students in overflow housing are required to have a meal plan. Meal Plans cannot be cancelled if a student chooses to move to one of the Campus Apartments or Off Campus** 

Add/Drop Meals Plans

Students may add a meal plan at any time. Students staying in residential halls are required to choose between the following meal plans; reflected prices are for Fall 2017 and Spring 2018 semesters:

  • Tech Platinum 1 – Unlimited meals plus 100 DCB - $1546 per semester
  • Tech Platinum 2 – Unlimited meals plus 175 DCB - $1621 per semester
  • Tech Gold 1 – 210 meals plus 100 DCB - $1410 per semester
  • Tech Gold 2 – 210 meals plus 175 DCB - $1485 per semester
  • Tech Silver 1 – 10 meals/week plus 100 DCB - $1321 per semester
  • Tech Silver 2– 10 meals/week plus 175 DCB - $1396 per semester

Students staying on campus apartments (University Commons, Vista Place) may add one off the following meal plans:

  • D Commuter– 65 meals plus 100 DCB - $587 per semester
  • E Commuter– 40 meals plus 100 DCB - $421 per semester
  • F Commuter– 500 DCB - $500 per semester (DCB ONLY)
Rollover Declining Cash Balance (DCB)

Any unused DCB dollars in the fall semester will roll over to the spring semester as long as the student has a meal plan. If a student withdraws or does not have a spring meal plan, any unused DCB dollars will expire at the end of the fall semester. All DCB dollars will expire at the end of the spring semester.

  ** Administrative Services reserves the right to make exceptions to the current meal plan policy as deemed necessary. This decision will be the final decision from the Director of Administrative Services. **


Catering Procedures

Interdepartmental Catering:

All P.O’s for Interdepartmental Catering through Chartwells will come through our office. We will approve the PO’s for accuracy and event dates and send them to Chartwells for payment.  At the beginning of the following month we will turn in the Departmental Billing for the previous month at which time the funds will be taken from whatever FOAP (fund, org, acct, prog) is listed at the bottom of the Purchase Order.  P.O’s must be within 10% off the Catering order or you will be contacted to either add to your current P.O or complete an additional P.O request (requisition).  All Interdepartmental Catering must be entered through Catertrax, our online catering software: https://chartwellscateringatu.catertrax.com (some exceptions may apply at the discretion of the Chartwells Catering Director).

Departmental Meal Cards

Administrative Services will provide meal cards for requesting departments. We will need to know the FOAP (fund, org, acct, prog) for departmental billing purposes. The rate charged for Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner will be the door rate. We will need at least a 3 day lead time to prepare these meal cards for you.