2019-2020 Meal Plans 


The intent of these policies is to clarify and prevent any miscommunications about Meal Plans/Food Service carried out at Arkansas Tech University. The points set out in these policies will ensure that every student has the same fair treatment.



 All students residing in one of the Resident Halls on campus except those living in East Gate Apartments, Vista Place or University Commons Apartments are required to have a meal plan. 

 Students living off campus may choose a Commuter Meal Plan.

  *If you begin your semester on campus with a meal plan, then move off campus, you will still be required to keep your meal plan.*  

2019-2020 Meal Plans 




All students have until the 5th day of class to change (this is the last day to register for classes) their meal plan through the ResLife Housing Portal. NO changes may be made after this date during the current semester.

 Students may purchase a meal plan at a pro-rated rate at any time.

 **Students who request and are approved to move to University Commons or Vista place after the last day to switch meal plans will not be allowed to cancel their meal plan. Please consider this when making your decision to move. **

**Students in overflow housing are required to have a meal plan. Meal Plans cannot be canceled if a student chooses to move to one of the Campus Apartments or Off Campus** 

 Rollover Declining Cash Balance (DCB) Any unused DCB dollars in the Fall Semester will roll over to the Spring Semester as long as the student has a meal plan. If a student withdraws or does not have a Spring meal plan, any unused DCB dollars will expire at the end of the Fall Semester. All DCB dollars will expire at the end of the spring semester.

   ** Administrative Services reserves the right to make exceptions to the current meal plan policy as deemed necessary. This decision will be the final decision from the Director of Administrative Services. **