Welcome to the Administrative Services webpage on Inventory. Our Department is responsible for maintaining accurate records of University equipment and fixed assets. This includes overseeing all aspects of inventory management including tagging, transfer, removal, and storage of University property.

It is the responsibility of each department to track assets assigned to their area and submit an accurate annual inventory to our office. 


 What is inventory?


These items will be tagged and entered into the University's inventory database:

Capital Assets: Any movable property valued at $5000 and above.*

Non-Capital Assets: Any movable property valued between $1000 and $4999.* 

Non-Capital, High-Risk Assets: costing between $500 and $999.99 .*

All other assets: These assets will not be tagged or entered into the University’s database. However, these items are still considered State Property and cannot be disposed of without following Arkansas Tech University’s guidelines for disposal of property.

 *Departmental inventory audits as well as State audits are performed annually.