New Faculty FAQ

1. How do I find out my OneTech ID? 
Your OneTech ID will be provided to you by your Department Head or Dean. If this has not been provided to you, please contact Amber Tennison in Human Resources at 479-968-0369.

Your OneTech ID is usually your first initial followed by your last name, and perhaps followed by a number (for example "jdoe15"). Your OneTech ID will never change unless you request it (due to a name change, etc.). Please note that your OneTech ID is NOT the same as your "T-number". 

2. How do I activate my OneTech account?
To activate your OneTech account, go to the "How do I activate my OneTech account" page and follow the instructions provided.

3. How do I access my TECH email account?

To access your ATU e-mail account from any location, open up your browser, type in your browser and hit Enter. The ATU E-Mail login page will appear. Use your OneTech ID and password to login. If you have never logged in to the Arkansas Tech network, go to the Account Management System to activate your account.

4. Where do I get my Faculty I.D.?
The Student Accounts Office issues identification cards bearing individual photographs to all faculty, staff and students for use throughout their academic careers at TECH. The ID card permits admission to university-sponsored events and  TECH Fit.  The ID card should be carried at all times. Upon withdrawal from the University, ID cards are turned in to  Human Resources.

The New Faculty Orientation Committee will assist new faculty in getting their I.D. during New Faculty Orientation, if you have not already gotten it beforehand. 

5. How do I get a parking hang-tag?
The cost per hang-tag is $45.00 for the academic year. The Office of Human Resources will have your hang-tags at the orientation session this year, so be sure to have your license plate number along with the make, model, year and color of your car available for them that day.  All faculty and students are required to have a hang-tag displayed from their rear view mirror at all times. View the current TECH parking information on the Public Safety website.

If you have your OneTech ID and T-number, you can log on to OneTech and purchase your hangtag online. It will be under the "Employee" tab as "Purchase Your Parking Permit".