Faculty Excellence


The Faculty Excellence Awards were established in spring, 1996, by the Arkansas Tech University Board of Trustees as part of an effort to continually promote and recognize distinguished service. Full-time faculty, who are tenured and hold the rank of either associate professor or professor, are nominated by their peers for awards in the areas of teaching, scholarly activity, and service. The nominees are given the opportunity to submit portfolios for review by an Excellence Award Committee; after evaluation of the portfolios submitted, the committee selects a faculty member to be recognized for each category. The recipients are awarded a stipend of and a plaque in recognition of their accomplishments during the spring commencement ceremonies. The Excellence Award Committee is composed of seven faculty members: three faculty selected by the Vice President for Academic Affairs who traditionally selects the previous year's three recipients of the excellence awards (the recipient of the teaching award serves as chair); three faculty selected by the Faculty Senate chair; and the Chair of the Faculty Senate.

Ranking Sheet

Excellence Award Recipients

1996 Mr. David Krueger Dr. Mostafa Hemmati Dr. Eldon Clary, Jr.
1997 Mr. Bobby G. Mullen Dr. David W. Roach Mr. Bobbie V. Taylo
1998 Mr. Charles H. Pearson Dr. Ronald E. McGaughey Mr. John A. Gale
1999 Mr. James T. Willcut Dr. Charles J. Gagen Ms. Rexann Oller
2000 Dr. John J. Cadle Mr. Paul S. Lake Mr. Kenneth T. Futterer
2001 Dr. Earl F. Schrock, Jr Mr. Philip D. Parker Dr. Gwen Morgan
2002 Dr. Kenneth A. Rogers Dr. Thomas A. DeBlack Dr. Lyman B. Harris
2003 Dr. Jeff Robertson Dr. Trey Philpotts Dr. James Collins
2004 Dr. Deborah Wilson Dr. Mostafa Hemmati Dr. M. Annette Holeyfield
2005 Dr. Trey Philpotts Mr. David Mudrinich Dr. Mostafa Hemmati
2006 Dr. Cathy Baker Ms. Laurie Lucas Dr. Earl Schrock, Jr.
2007 Dr. Linda Bean Dr. Micheal Tarver Ms. Margaret Wilkerson
2008 Dr. Peter Dykema Dr. Anwar Bhuiyan Dr. Penny Willmering
2009 Dr. Hanna Norton Dr. Jeffrey Woods Dr. Linda Bean
2010 Dr. V. Carole Smith Mr. Philip Parker Dr. Shelia Jackson
2011 Dr. Scott Kirkconnell Dr. Timothy Smith Dr. Carey Roberts
2012 Mr. David Mudrinich Dr. Daniel Bullock Dr. Richard Cohoon
2013 Dr. Paola Gemme Dr. Jason Ulsperger Dr. Susan Underwood
2014 Dr. M. Diane Gleason Dr. Tsunemi Yamashita Dr. Jason Warnick
2015 Dr. Jason Ulsperger Dr. Jason Warnick Dr. Julie Mikles-Schluterman
2016 Dr. Jason Warnick Dr. Charles Mebi Dr. Sean Huss
2017 Ms. Tracy Cole Dr. Joshua Lockyer Dr. Johnette Moody
2018 Dr. Erin Clair Mr. Neal Harrington Dr. Loretta Cochran
2019 Dr. Emily Hoffman Dr. David Eshelman Dr. Robin Lasey
2020 Dr. Patrick Hagge Mrs. Holly Ruth Gale Dr. Michael Rogers
2021 Dr. Hamed Shojaei Dr. David Blanks Dr. Alejandra Carballo
2022 Dr. Joshua Lockyer Dr. Rajib Choudhury Dr. Erin Clair
2023 Dr. Douglas Barron Dr. Masanori Kuroki Dr. Sean Reed