Undergraduate Catalog

University Honors

Dr. Ellen J. Jenkins, Director
Witherspoon Hall, Room 239B
(479) 968-0456

Dr. Julie Mikles-Schluterman, Assistant Director
Witherspoon Hall, Room 356
(479) 498-6050

The University Honors program at Arkansas Tech University is designed to provide an enriched intellectual experience for students of outstanding educational talents and leadership potential. At Arkansas Tech University, the honors student will benefit from opportunities to interact with other highly-motivated students and outstanding professors in the challenging atmosphere of small, innovative honors classes specially designed to foster rational enquiry, critical thinking, and analytical skills.

Application to University Honors should be made as early as possible during the senior year of the high school student. Honors students are selected through an application process which includes a written essay and a personal interview on our campus. To be eligible for University Honors, the high school student must have a minimum ACT Composite score of 28 and a cumulative grade point average of 3.5 or higher.

Students in the honors program take special General Education courses. Sophomores participate in on-campus volunteer projects, followed by participation as peer mentors during the junior year. The senior year requires completion of the Senior Honors Project, as well as presentation of project results at an annual Senior Honors Symposium.

Students selected for the University Honors program receive excellent scholarships as well as such privileges as the Advanced Scholar Stipend, preferred preregistration, opportunities for individual directed study with Tech professors, and special recognition at commencement. The prescribed curriculum for the University Honors program is provided below.


Freshman Year
Fall Semester: HONR 1003 Freshman Honors Seminar 3 hours
HIST 1543 Honors World History to 1500 OR 3 hours
HIST 2043 Honors United States History to 1877  
Spring Semester: ENGL 2183 Honors Introduction to Film 3 hours
Sophomore Year
Fall Semester: ECON 2103 Honors Principles of Economics I 3 hours
Campus Service Component
Spring Semester: PHIL 2043 Honors Introduction to Philosophy OR 3 hours
ENGL 2023 Honors World Literature
Campus Service Component
Junior Year
Fall Semester: Mentor incoming Honors Freshmen
Spring Semester: Write proposal for the Seniors Honors Project
  ENGL 2023 Honors World Literature OR 3 hours
  PHIL 2043 Honors Introduction to Philosophy
Senior Year
Fall Semester: HONR 4093 Senior Honors Project 3 hours
Spring Semester: Honor students will present their Senior Honors Projects at
the Senior Honors Symposium.
Total Hours  21