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Vision Statement

The College of eTech's vision is to foster innovative online learning.

Mission Statement

The College of eTech believes education is the gateway to professional goal fulfillment. We develop and deliver accessible, interactive and rigorous online learning opportunities.

Department of Professional Studies

Dr. Jeff Aulgur, Head
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Assistant Professors:
Aulgur, Schwehm, Stuckey

Bachelor of Professional Studies

The Bachelor of Professional Studies (BPS) is an online Accelerated Degree Program (ADP) which offers a flexible degree completion path addressing the unique needs of particular target groups. The accelerated delivery format is designed to ease the financial, time, and geographic constraints adults face in completing a baccalaureate program. Students complete the necessary hours for the degree within a convenient yet directed scheduling format under the guidance of advisors who understand the unique needs of the adult learner. The primary target groups include:

The degree’s focus is to successfully prepare graduates for entry or advancement in government, nonprofit, corporate, or industrial careers. The curriculum is designed to enhance workplace skills such as planning, organizational behavior, ethics, needs assessment, problem solving, communications, human resources, and technology applications.

Students may select one of the following concentration areas: agriculture business, applied leadership, early childhood education, information technology, industrial/organizational psychology, criminal justice, interdisciplinary studies, or public relations. The degree will follow the same guidelines as all other bachelor’s degrees in requiring 35 hours of general education coursework and a minimum of 40 hours of upper division courses.

Program of Study (BPS)

General Education coursework or enrollment in courses as needed:35 hours

Required Professional Core: 24 hours

BUAD 2003 Business Information Systems (OR)
COMS 1003 Introduction to Computer Based Systems
ENGL 2053 Technical Writing
SPH 2173 Business and Professional Speaking(dual credit in General Education)
PS 3003 Project Design
PS 3023 Professional Communications
PS 3133 Applied Principles of Personnel Management
PS 3143 Applied Professional Research
PS 4003 Capstone Project

Courses recommended in the Individual Plan of Study: 18 hours

Agriculture Business (all courses not available online)
Applied Leadership
Criminal Justice
Early Childhood Education (Note: Does not lead to K-6 certification)
Industrial/Organizational Psychology
Information Technology
Interdisciplinary Studies
Public Relations

PS 3001 Portfolio Development for Prior Learning Assessment: Up to 12 hours

Balance of electives: Varies

Hours needed to meet 40-hour upper division requirement
or balance of 120 hours

Total : 120 hours

Prior Learning Assessment (PLA)

A Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) process is available which will award up to 12 hours of upper-division credit for relevant work experience, professional development, or military training through a portfolio course which provides the required documentation for determining the number of hours of credit which can be awarded.

Learning Objectives for Professional Studies Degree

Curriculum in Professional Studies

The matrix below is a sample plan for all coursework required for this program
Fall Spring
ENGL 1013 Composition I1,T 3 ENGL 1023 Composition II1,T 3
Science with Lab1,T 4 Science with Lab1,T 4
Social Sciences1,T 3 Social Sciences1,T 3
Specialty Course 3 Specialty Course 3
COMS 1003 Introduction to Computer Based Systems or
BUAD 2003 Business Information SystemsT
3 Mathematics1,T 3
TECH 1001 Orientation to the University 1    
Total Hours 17 Total Hours 16
Fall Spring
ENGL 2053 Technical WritingT 3 U.S. History/Government1,T 3
Fine Arts & Humanities1,T 3 Fine Arts & Humanities1,T 3
SPH 2173 Business and Professional SpeakingT 3 Technical Course2, T 3
Specialty Course 3 Specialty Course 3
Elective 3 Elective (3000-4000 Level)3 3
Total Hours 15 Total Hours 15
Fall Spring
PS 3133 Applied Principles of Personnel Management 3 PS 3023 Professional Communications 3
Specialty Course 3 PS 3143 Applied Professional Research 3
Technical Courses2, T 6 Technical Courses2, T 6
Elective (3000-4000 Level)3 3 Elective (3000-4000 Level)3 3
Total Hours 15 Total Hours 15
Fall Spring
PS 3003 Project Design 3 PS 4003 Capstone Project 3
Specialty Course 3 Technical Courses2 9
Technical Courses2 6
Elective (3000-4000 Level)3 3
Total Hours 15 Total Hours 12
1See appropriate alternatives or substitutions in "General Education Requirements".
2Technical courses taken as part of an associate degree or from a community college may be transferred into the BPS degree.
3At least 40 of the total hours required for graduation must be 3000-4000 level courses: no more than 30 hours of electives towards the degree may be taken from the College of Business.
TDesignates a block of courses that would provide for a seamless transfer into this program if equivalent courses are taken at another college or university.

Specialty/Concentration Areas:

Agriculture Business: 18 hours
Take: AGBU 2063 Principles of Agricultural Macroeconomics, AGBU 2073 Principles of Agriculture Microeconomics, AGBU 3133 Intermediate Agricultural Macroeconomics, AGBU 4003 Agri-Business Management, AGBU 4013 Agricultural Marketing, and AGBU 4023 Agricultural Finance.
Industrial/Organizational Psychology: 19 hours
Take: PSY 2003 General Psychology, PSY 2053 Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences, PSY 2074 Experimental Psychology and 9 hours from the following: PSY 2023 Consumer Psychology, PSY 3093 Industrial Psychology, PSY 4033 Psychological Tests and Measurements, PSY 4043 Social Psychology, PSY 4234 Field Placement.
Applied Leadership: 18 hours
Take: BUAD 3123 Management, BUAD 3143 Marketing, PS 4143 Nonprofit Governance, PS 4243 Planning for Adult Learners, PS 4343 Community Development, and PS 4443 Professional Leadership.
Information Technology: 19 hours
Take: COMS 1333 Web Publishing I, COMS 1403 Orientation to Computing, Information, and Technology, COMS 1411 Computer and Information Science Lab, COMS 2003 Microcomputer Applications, COMS 2233 Introduction to Databases, COMS 2700 Networking and Architecture Laboratory, COMS 2703 Computer Networks and Architecture, and 3 hours COMS elective credit.
Criminal Justice: 18 hours
Take: CJ 2003 Introduction to Criminal Justice, CJ 2043 Crime and Delinquency, CJ 3023 Judicial Process, CJ 3103 The Juvenile Justice System, CJ 3153 Prison and Corrections and 3 hours of CJ elective.
Interdisciplinary Studies: 18 hours
(Courses selected with advisor approval)
Early Childhood Education: 18 hours
Take: ECED 2001 Introduction to Early Childhood Education and ECED 2002 Field-Based Experience Seminar in Early Childhood (concurrent enrollment); ECED 3023 Foundations of Early Childhood Education and ECED 3033 Child Development (concurrent enrollment); EDMD 3013 Integrating Instructional Technology, MATH 2033 Mathematical Concepts I, and BIOL/PHSC 3213 Science Education in the Elementary School.
Public Relations: 18 hours
Take: COMS 2003 Microcomputer Applications, SPH 3033 Interviewing Principles and Practices, SPH 4153 Persuasive Theory and Audience Analysis, JOUR 3173 Public Relations Principles, JOUR 3273 Public Relations Writing, and JOUR 4173 Public Relations Project.