Advising Tool Kit FAQ


I need help using OneTech to register students::

  • OneTech Help:

I need help with registration process:

Where do I find Degree Works?

I need help with the College Scheduler:

Where can I find override approvals?

Where can I find a listing of the section numbers?

Where do I find the degree maps?

Where is the form advisees should fill out before they meet with me to schedule classes?

Where do I find the Degree Audit form?

Where do I find the Add/Drop form?

What are the General Course Policies in the Catalog?

What tutoring resources are available to students?

  • Tutoring for All Courses: ​
  • Tutoring in Writing:​​ The Writing Lab: ​Monday-Friday 1-5 in Witherspoon 365
  • The Online Writing Lab (On Blackboard; password: bb9-enroll)

What if my advisee expresses a lot of difficulty taking tests?

What if my advisee’s disability makes a full course load difficult?

Do I need to make special provisions for athletes?

What if my advisee is a first-generation college student and is having difficulty negotiating academia?

What do I do if my advisee is on academic probation?

What if my advisee is an international student needing help with language or cross-cultural issues?