English and World Languages Graduate Assistants

The Department of English and World Languages offers a limited number of graduate assistantships.
Graduate assistants receive a $4,800 stipend per academic year, a tuition waiver for up to 18 hours per year,and valuable teaching experience.

The English and World Language Department's graduate assistants teach basic writing, reading, and language classes and staff a Writing Center and a Language Lab where they offer students a range of assistance with writing, preparation for Praxis examinations, and language skills. Click the links above to check the open hours.

In general, applications for graduate assistantships should be received by April 1 for consideration for the following fall semester. Candidates must complete the Application for Assistantship that can be found at the Graduate College's site. In addition, candidates should send a letter of application and resume to Carl Brucker. For application information or information regarding the availability of graduate assistantships in English after the April 1 deadline, contact Carl Brucker at 968-0484 or Nelson Ramírez at 968-0636.