English Language Institute
Tuition and Fees 8-week session 
Summer 2014 (May 19-July 18)

    24 Hours ELI
ELI Tuition (24 hours)   $4,776
International Student Fee   $30.00
Technology Fee   $140.00
Assessment Fee   $12.00
Transcript Fee   $7.00
Instructional Support Fee   $120.00
Strategic Initiative Fee   $240.00
Student Support Fee   $48.00
Student Communication Fee   $48.00
Health & Wellness Fee   $48.00
ELI Tutorial and Exam Fee   $180.00
Total   $5,649


Note: Cost for each of the four 8-week sessions during the 2014-2015 academic year are not yet determined. There may be small increases, but the table above is an indication of what costs will be. International students will need to be prepared to pay for both fall 8-week sessions at the start of the fall semester.