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Mission Statement

The English Language Institute faculty at Arkansas Tech University prepares English language learners with the skills necessary to develop academic proficiency to successfully meet the demands and expectations of the college classroom. The Institute provides an effective academic curriculum that enables student learning and allows students to reach their academic goals.

General Information

If you plan to earn a college degree in the U.S. and want to improve your English prior to your enrollment, then the ELI is just the place for you. We hope this website will help you learn more about what the ELI at Arkansas Tech University has to offer just for you!

The English Language Institute at Arkansas Tech University has everything you need to become a great speaker of English:

  • ELI has redesigned its schedule and curriculum to provide students with greater flexibility and the opportunity to complete the program sooner. See a description of the changes under the heading "The New Curriculum" below.

  • Our program promotes an excellent instructor-teacher ratio, typically ten to fifteen students per class

  • Our Institute offers an intensive English language curriculum designed to prepare the student for university level academic courses

  • The courses cover English writing, grammar, reading, listening and note taking, and speaking skills in conjunction with cultural awareness skills

  • Students may choose to take only the intensive English language courses, or they may continue on with one of many academic programs available

  • Our qualified and experienced staff is here tohelp our students improve their English language skills

  • Students who follow our course curriculum and scholastic recommendations usually show rapid improvement in communicative English skills

  • Computer based language learning is provided, and our new technology center offers the most up-to-date resources

  • Conversation partners are available for one-on-one English practice

  • Arkansas Tech University is an authorized TOEFL IBT Test Center

  • Arkansas Tech Universityis a great place to study! Our university is located in the beautiful Arkansas River Valley. There are many opportunities to enjoy the natural beauty of the area and to interact and practice English with native speakers. The university offers many activities such as sports, recreation, clubs, music, plays, trips and cultural activities.

  • The New Curriculum

  • The English Language Institute has revised its class schedule and curriculum. Starting this summer, ELI will offer five eight-week sessions each year: two during the fall, two during the spring, and one in the summer. Each session will include complete courses in Grammar, Reading, Writing, and Listening/Note Taking. Each course will be offered at five undergraduate levels and one graduate level. This new approach will provide students with greater scheduling flexibility and the opportunity to complete the program sooner.
  • Each student will take the institutional TOEFL test (ITP) as an entrance assessment, and be placed as indicated in the following table. No other test will be accepted for admission to ELI.
Level 1 ITP Score of 333-353 undergraduate
Level 2 ITP Score of 357-383 undergraduate
Level 3 ITP Score of 387-417 undergraduate
Level 4 ITP Score of 420-447 undergraduate
Level 5 ITP Score of 450-497 undergraduate
Level 6 ITP Score of 500-547 graduate
  • Note:Graduate students who do not score 500 or above on the ITP, will begin in the undergraduate level associated with theirscore.
  • For more information, please contact Mr. Brent Hogan, Interim Coordinator, at bhogan@atu.edu.