ATU Writer 2008
edited by Nancy Cox

Three-Point Enumeration  
The Silver Screen by Amanda Jarman
The Secret of Being a Good Secretary by Debby Moore
Babysitting Brianna by Lyndsey Balentine
Motherhood by Elizabeth Nichols
The Three Things I Hate about Being an Orthodontic Lab Tech
by Natalie Bickham
When Seconds Count by Courtney Haire
My Job at Chenal Pet Palace by Gini Harper
Setting Up for the Pitch by Ashley Bradshaw
Shopping at Wal-Mart by Kyungha "Lauren" Kim
The Three Sides of War by James Granger
Broken Dreams by Jonathon Spikes
The Drive-Thru by Tesia Arnold
A Cat's Life by Jennifer Hoppert
The Chance of a Lifetime by Amber Miller
Mrs. Claus's Rocking Chair by Sarah Hart
Arkansas State Championship Horse Show by Jamie Wood
An Unforgettable Night by Josh Cloud
Barnhill by Lindsey Howard
Dead Rabbit by Roberto Ceballos
Asylum by Adrin Bentley
Footsteps by Eva McClintock
Gigging by Byron Dejarlo
My Experience at Tyson's by Sherry Adaire
Description I Haven't Forgotten by Brent Pickens
Inventory of a Dead Old Man's Refrigerator by Annalee Smith A Memorable Experience by Christi Jones
Casual Elegance by Sarah Miller Diving In Head First by Slade Dupuy
My Secret Place by Heather Hardaway My Ice by Ray Christian
The Memories with the Picture by Devon R. Terrell Wheels by Myron D. Adams
Rainbow Family of Living Light by Kara Kreitlein
Happy Birthday, Baby by Brenda Terrell
The Little Juke Joint by James Maestri
Small-Town Nostalgia by Chris Brown
Old-Time Grocery Store by Tim Parrish
Those Emerald Eyes by Jordan Payne
The Energizer Razorback by Seth Collier
My Great Grandmother’s Legacy by Corey Sanders
Meme’s Hands by Elizabeth R. Wilson
Mother’s Peonies by Ashley Anderson
Iwakuni:  Truly Unique by Peter Granderson
Simple Card Trick by Shawn Pennington
To Catch a Dream by Aspen Sisemore
Secret Mission by Heather Mills
Setup Simplicity by Anderson Terry
Growing a Tradition by Julie Eckart
The Art of Throwing a Fit by Karen Ford
How to Start a Heading Horse by Matt Hunnicutt
Competition Pistol Shooting by Daniel Traylor
The Art of Being an Idiot by Corey Sanders
Division and Classification The Fundamentals of Catching in Baseball by Brandon Holland

The Types of Reality Shows by Kristin Harris

Let It Snow! by Jimmy Lawrence
The Miracle of Birth by Heather Artley
Checkers’ Gym by Shirley Brannam
Student Academic Performance by Jeremy Pranger
A Successful Academic Career by Terry Fang
Pumping Patron Portraits by Kyle Martin
National Championship Chuckwagon Races by Kristin Raper
The Four Stages of Relationships or The Joys of a Brand-New Car by Steven Robins
Different Types of Weightlifters by Andy Sarjahani
The Importance of School Spirit by Katy Yerina

Facebook by Allison Williams

Did Somebody Say, “Facebook”? by Amanda Phelps
YouTube by Connie Westcott
Bulimia by Lana Adkins
Manga:  Just Japanese Comic Books? by Matthew Thomas Wilson
Word Vomit by Ashley Forrester
Companions by Chris DuPuy
Spelunker, Caver, and Speleologist by Jennifer Boyette
Culture Shock by Allison Hawbecker
Failing by Terry Fang
Von Recklinghausen’s Disease by Michael Franks

Dalton and Dillon by Tammy Gaston

Harrison Middle School Versus Harrison High School by Meagan Shifley
Paula and Giada by Suzanne Moore
Two Hearts, One Dream by Seth Collier
Choosing between Police and Fire Civil Service by Ian Nelson
Liberals and Conservatives by Becky Battles
Muscular Dystrophy and Multiple Sclerosis by Becky Battles
Two World War II Battles by Bryce Caldwell
Private Room Versus Double Room in Nutt Hall by Belinda Wynn
Bareback Bronc Riding Versus Bull Riding by Matt Bodson
Sprinting Versus Cross Country by Alex Trulove
Different Fish, Same Goal:  Survival by Matt Perrin
Which Printer to Choose by Renee’ Cox
Breast or Bottle by Joy Whitlow
Queen “Bloody” Mary Versus Good Queen Bess by CaLee Henderson
Creatine Versus Anabolic Steroids by Kyle Hester

Petit Jean State Park by Amber Miller

The Worst Television Show by William Robert Haynes
Pop’s Greatest by LeRondres Kitchen
Elvis Is Alive by Darlene Harris
JFK Assassination by Belinda Wynn
Retaining the All-Volunteer United States Military by Ian Nelson
Struggling with Aid by Megan Judy
The Education Turmoil in Afghanistan by Melanie Smith
Wrestling the Beast by Nathan Young