Visiting Authors

The Department of English and World Languages sponsors visiting authors,  who give public readings from their work and visit Tech classes.

Visiting Authors Pages

Matt Guenette Noel Murray Paul Lake
Steve Gehrke Stanley Lombardo Laura Moriarty
Robin Becker Constance Squires Sandy Longhorn
Kevin Brockmeier Chris Ellery Andrea Hollander Budy
David Breeden Terry Wright Clay Reynolds
Marck Beggs Larry Thomas Tom Franklin






 Authors Videos

Steve Gehrke reads from Michelangelo's Seizure
Stanley Lombardo reads from Paxton at Bosworth Field
Laura Moriarty
reads from her novel The Chaperone
Robin Becker reads from Brains: A Zombie Memoir

Constance Squires reads from Along the Watchtower
Nick Morrisreads from his collection Tapeworm.
Nelson Ramirez discusses his poetry and translation

Andrew Geyer discusses "Trust Jesus" and "Second Coming"
Saira Khan discusses her story "By Rook or by Crook"
Paul Lake discusses his poem "Redcoats"
Michael Karl Ritchie discusses his poem "Spaceship"
Dominick Parenteau-Lebeuf discusses "The Feminist's Daughter"
Clay Reynolds discusses his stories "Blue" 1, 2 and 3