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Video Guidelines

Marketing and promotional videos created outside the Arkansas Tech Office of University Relations should meet the following criteria in order to be considered for publication on the university’s website or social media channels.

Any unit planning a promotional video should contact the Director of New Media in University Relations for guidance on video promotional projects. Prior to shooting, University Relations staff will review the goals and script of the video to ensure it will adhere to the above criteria. Following the completion of the project, University Relations staff will review the project and either approve it for publication or suggest changes to be made.

Once a project is approved, all project files and all raw footage should be turned over to the Office of University Relations prior to publication.

*This does not apply to student projects produced for broadcast on the university's public broadcasting station. However, should a university entity wish to use a video outside of the scope of the broadcasting station, the above guidelines will apply. It also does not include traditional network, cable, or local television news crews covering stories on campus.