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Inclement Weather Policy

This policy is intended to provide guidance on addressing inclement weather conditions while maintaining certain operations due to the needs of our students, faculty, staff, and visitors. All employees are expected to report to work in the event of severe weather on a scheduled work day unless the University is officially closed. When severe weather occurs and the University remains open, all employees are expected to meet their employment obligations and arrive for work on time. Regardless of closure or delay, all employees who travel to the campus should exercise personal judgment regarding his or her safety relating to weather conditions. Full-time employees not reporting to work due to weather conditions when campus is open will be charged “annual leave” to account for the time involved in their absence. In the event of an announced early closure, employees are expected to complete critical tasks. Employees absent on early closure days will still be required to record their absence as leave time.

Critical Personnel

Employees specifically identified as critical personnel will be directed as to when to report to work by their administrative supervisor regardless of weather conditions. Critical personnel will earn compensatory time for time worked while campus is officially closed. Non-critical personnel may not voluntarily come to work while campus is closed and claim excused time off.

Situationally Critical Personnel

All University employees may be situationally critical and therefore directed as to when to report to work by their administrative supervisor during a campus closure or delay. Situationally critical employees may differ depending on the nature of the circumstances. Situations may arise when an employee must report to work for the purpose of protecting students, employees, or visitors’ well-being or University property. If an employee becomes situationally critical and therefore is required to report to work, they will earn compensatory time for time worked while the campus is officially closed.


An official campus announcement for all employees will be posted on OneTech on or around 6 am the morning of the closure or delay. A message will also be sent out through the Arkansas Tech University emergency notification system and the closure or delay will be communicated through local and regional media. If there is a delay, the announcement will direct employees as to when they are expected to report to work. If inclement or severe weather is in the forecast, shifts that occur out-side of the normal 8 to 5 work schedule will be notified shortly after 10pm that their shift will be delayed until 8am. This notification will be communicated via phone call through the shift supervisor. Employees in this category should defer to the next morning’s 6am announcement to determine whether they should report at 8am or not report at all if the campus is officially closed. Employees scheduled to work on Saturday or Sunday will also be notified via phone call through the appropriate supervisor.

Campus Closed

All classes are canceled and all offices are closed.

Night Classes Canceled

All classes beginning after 5:00 pm are cancelled.


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