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About Arkansas Tech University Licensing

The purpose of Arkansas Tech University’s licensing program is to ensure that Arkansas Tech University’s brand identity is properly represented on products and services marketed to the both the University community and the public. The licensing program is responsible for determining if a product and/or design are consistent with the goals and image of Arkansas Tech University. The program also ensures the quality, content, production and distribution of products meets Arkansas Tech University's standards.


Arkansas Tech University has contracted with Strategic Marketing Affiliates (“SMA”) to help improve its licensing program. SMA acts as an intermediary for Arkansas Tech University, enabling it to work directly with manufacturers and retailers. This ensures that decisions can be made promptly and that manufacturers can become licensed with the University in a timely manner. 

Strategic Marketing Affiliates

Arkansas Tech University utilizes Strategic Marketing Affiliates (“SMA”) as its primary licensing agent. Strategic Marketing Affiliates assists Arkansas Tech University with the following:

In order to produce products bearing the marks of Arkansas Tech University, manufacturers and vendors must be a licensee of Arkansas Tech University. To get started, click on the link below to download an application packet. The application contains instructions on how to complete the application phase of licensing as well as information that licensees will need to retain throughout the course of the licensing process.

All licensees are required to remit royalty reports and payments on a quarterly basis to SMA, who collects these payments on behalf of Arkansas Tech University. Arkansas Tech University has established a royalty rate of 10% of the wholesale price of an individual product.

Information on the services SMA provides, including a copy of an application and license agreement, can be found at

Strategic Marketing Affiliates
8900 Keystone Crossing
Indianapolis, IN 46240
Phone: (317) 669-0808
Fax: (317) 669-0810

About SMA: Strategic Marketing Affiliates is an Indianapolis-based, full service licensing organization which represents over 240 colleges and universities located throughout North America. The 18-year-old agency is the fastest growing collegiate licensing agency in the U.S., with offices in Colorado, Indiana, New York and Ohio. For more information regarding SMA, please visit